opinions on pockets in bags

  1. big or small? inside? outside? which ones are most useful, if at all... are they clutter gathering or helpful in organizing? do they take up too much space? is it all about style?
  2. Love pockets, inside and out. The more the better.
  3. I agree. Outside pocket for cell phone, keys, etc. is almost a must for me. And I like to have a zipper pocket inside plus some more inside pockets.
  4. If the bag doesn't have two outside pockets, and two or three inside, I'm not buying.
  5. well i never really had bags with pockets until my current one but i am really not pleased with them. i mean it is helpful to to be able to organise everything into individual pockets BUT i take public transport everyday and have been pickpocketed because the trains are so packed you don't even realise it's happened. if i didn't take public transportation i might like them better (but i also just don't like my current bag)
  6. Pockets are absolutely esstential to me. I prefer there to be an outside pocket (atleast 1), but if there are no inside pockets, its a deal breaker for me.
  7. definately an outside pocket and at least one pocket inside.
  8. I definitely prefer pockets - inside & out. No pockets, no bag for me.
  9. I guess I'm a little different...I'm not a fan of outside pockets at all. That's why I've never liked LV Manhattan for myself. I love them on the inside but like a cleaner, sleeker look on the outside.

    That said, I love the Balenciaga front pockets...go figure;)
  10. Personally, I don't care for pockets. I don't carry too much junk in my bags (wallet, sunlasses, keyholder & cell) so I never struggle to find things.
  11. I don't care either way. I use a Chameleon insert, so that's how I usually organize my stuff. If the outside pockets aren't too bulky then they can be convenient for certain things (keys and lip balm) but that's not a deal breaker for me or anything.
  12. I LOVE POCKETS!!!! I prefer them on the outside for like my cellphone/car keys and a zippered pocket on the inside is perfect. But the more the better. :smile:
  13. I have to have one large inside pocket to secure my wallet, etc. Don't care for too many pockets--it's easy to lose things when switching bags.
  14. Me too! My everyday bags need outside pockets for my cell phone and keys. I love the set up on my kooba marcelle- I could put a bottled water in one outside pocket, my cell phone and keys and pens in the other outside pocket, my wallet in the interior pocket and the kitchen sink in the main part of the bag!
  15. Inside pockets are definitely wanted, but not necessary since I usually use a chameleon insert.

    Outside, I only like pockets that are flat or hidden. I hate pockets that stick out like a small pouch that's just stuck onto the bag. My two main bags right now are a RM Matinee, which has flat zip and slip pockets along the front and back and hidden side pockets under the suede flaps, and a Lockheart tote that has hidden pockets all over and aren't noticeable at first glance.