Opinions on Pochettes


Which do pochette do you think will stand the test of time?

  1. White/Black MC

  2. Monogram

  3. Epi

  4. Other

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  1. What is your opinion on pochettes? It was really made famous by that movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan... I have always wanted a MC pochette, preferably in black. But I feel like there are too many fakes out there! The hype has definetly died down since the movie was a few years ago, and so I haven't seen that many around lately. I don't want to carry something that people will look at and assume that I am carrying a fake... :tdown:

    I want something cute and classic that will last me a few years but I'm on a budget as I am still a student in college. Give me your feedback and opinions about what you think about them! I'm trying to decide which to get, the white MC, black MC, brown monogram... etc. so lets hear what you girls have to say! :tup:
  2. For something as simplke as a pochette, if you are planning to carry it as a bag, I say go for something popping a little more colour than an epi. The epi pochette deosen't really look like a clutch bag iMO.
  3. I love my black epi pochette. It is great as a more formal bag and as an everyday shoulder bag with the extender.
  4. from personal experience.. my mono one is destroyed (zipper just fell off one day) but my epi looks brand new even tho its 5 years old
  5. Have you considered the Damier Ebene? I love the red interior!
  6. Epi is very classic and durable, also it is not commonly assoiciated with fakes (which you expressed a concern of with the MC) so I would go for that, they are beautiful.
  7. Black MC Pochette! The fakes will never look like the real ones. If you don't mind used, you can get one from eBay for almost half price.
  8. I've had my black MC pochette for 3.5 years now and it's still looking great (though I am bored of it). I have never actually seen a fake black mc pochette, only whites. It is real cute and an eye-catcher too! I am now eyeing the Damier Azur pochette as my next clutch...
  9. I would go for a vintage pochette with a discontinued/limited design. The vernis lexington fleurs was always a favorite of mine and there's one in pink up on Let-Trade.
  10. I am love the vernis line, however it is a little above my price range. I am such a fan of limited editions but I might have to pass on it this time. I forgot to consider the regular vernis line. Any thoughts on that one? :tup:

    Thanks for all the great feedback guys! Keep it coming!! :yahoo:
  11. i love them all. the mc being the least classic.
  12. i vote for epi looks and feels more durable
  13. Of the three I think the mono is the most practical and classic.
  14. I always thought SJP made the mono pouchette look so trendy, classic and wonderful! I remember that when I first saw one on her in a magazine I knew I had to have it!
  15. I personally think it was before that...that was just when the MC line was booming (i.e. waitlists).
    I got my Mono Pochette in 03' and it looks gorgeous still...I love it, it was my first LV bag.
    So yeah, I'd either go with Mono or Damier Ebene...it'll go with everything and it's a great starter bag.