Opinions on pant suits?

  1. What does everyone think of womens pant suits? I know they've recently lost some popularity, but what about ones like these?
  2. Well IMO they are hot! I would love one great designer one for the fall. I especially like 1 and 3 they are so cool!
  3. Oh who are 1 and 3 by? Thanks XxX
  4. 1. is by Marchesa
    2. is by Jean-Paul Gaultier couture SS07
    and 3. is by Jean-Paul Gaultier couture FW06
  5. I like 1 & 2.
  6. I love pants suits. I wear them most of the time to work.
  7. I wear pant suits all the time to interviews! I think pant suits are all that I have..
  8. i love white pant suits. iv got 1 i bought in zara a few years ago that is a wardrobe staple.
  9. I found that pant suits are acceptable and never went back to skirts.

    I would never wear another skirt. You have to worry about runs. In a professional setting, it's never ok to go bare. It's more trendy but not professional.
  10. You can't beat a well fitting beatiful trouser suit. I have two by William Hunt that I adore and who could ever forget Bianca Jagger in her YSL suit......smokin'.....

  11. I only wear pants suits and like all three of the ones posted.
  12. I love 1 and 2. I usually only wear pants suits. I only have one suit with a skirt, and I only wear that when I need to dress up.
  13. I love pant suits, live in them most of the time, but I love skirts too!
  14. Love them on women. YSL's Le Smoking!
  15. I love them too and tend to buy them over skirt suits. Love your choices.