OPINIONS on Paddy Hobo Please!

  1. Personally, i :love: it!:yes:
  2. I tried it on at NM, and was not crazy about it on me. It is really one of those bags that you need to see in person to fully appreciate and decide. It is gorgeous though.
  3. I'm so glad someone asked this question! I like the idea of a shoulder bag but I can't tell from the photos I've seen if it would work on me or not. Guess I need to try it on in person.
  4. It's not one of my faves. It's too long for me.
  5. ^ I had an orange one and returned it b/c although the leather is great, it was too long on me and I thought it had too many pockets/zippers. Its also pretty casual looking.
  6. I love the look of it, but again, agree you need to try it on. I worry it will be abit like the chloe saddle bag last year. Completely adorable to look at, but if you are under 5ft 10, makes you look like a swamp thing ;). I think it would look great as a messenger though, slung across the body :yes:
  7. I'm fairly tall (5' 8") with narrowish hips (they come out and then are flatter down to my thigh, rather than rounder, if you KWIM!!! :lol: ).

    The reason I am divulging this, is that I find longer, hip length bags work really well on me, because they lie flat against my hip.

    In fact, I can't be sure, but just from looking at it, this one looks as though it would probably be too short for me and would be on a level with my waist and hip (which I'm not so keen on!).

    I would agree, that if you are shorter and/or have wider hips and/or have the rounder type of hip; bags like this one probably won't do much for you.

    BTW, does anyone have the dimensions of this bag? Because I'm trying to work out how long the strap actually is.
  8. Hello everyone: This is my first post ever!! I have the Paddy Hobo in Gray and I love it! I am only 5'2" and in my opinion, it looks great when I carry it! The bag measures approx 12" x 13" and the shoulder strap is completely adjustable. I have it on the shortest hole and the drop is about 11". It is a really fun bag with lots of pockets. Hope this helps !
  9. thanks Stormy, and a big welcome to you :biggrin:

    I love it that your first post is in the Chloe section.
    quite right too ;)
  10. Thanks stormy! Is your gray the one with silver hardware?

    And WELCOME!:flowers:
  11. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! Yes, my paddy hobo is the gray one with the silver hardware. I also have a "regular" paddy in taupe and I almost like the paddy hobo better for everyday use. It is really comfortable to sling over your shoulder and the padlock does not get in the way every time you open the bag. I must say though, that I love both of my babies!!
  12. Ohhhhhh I love silver hardware!
    What about the pewter metallic leather with the silver hardware ......... Anyone??
  13. I :love: it, just saw it & tried it on in NM in Chicago last weekend!

    The gray color was very similar to Mousse and it was gorgeous!! I'm really liking the black with silver hardware on the BG website, though!!

    It didn't seem too big on (like a vertical version of a Bal City). I'm 5'7" and it almost seemed a little small!

    I'm still grooving on the black...:jammin: who knows, maybe it's my next bag purchase!:supacool:
  14. Hi Stormy, welcome! You must post pics wearing your hobo! ;)