Opinions on NYX Cosmetics...

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  1. Hello everyone...

    I wanted to see what all you tPF'ers thought of NYX Cosmetics?

    Good? Bad? So-so?

    I just bought a couple of Eye Shadow Trio Sets but haven't used them yet.
  2. OMG I just looked for reviews of these because theyre all over my local beauty supply. from what I hear great pay off for the money. I mean dont expect MAC or Urban Decay quality for 3 but its pretty awesome.
  3. The singles have better payoff than the trios, for some reason.
  4. I have two eyeshadows from NYX and I like them. They were about the same price as drugstore eyeshadow and are better quality.
  5. That is what I like about this brand too. It isn't expensive and the quality, so far, seems to be better than some drugstore brands. I used the black from one of my trios this morning. WOW! The color comes on so dark. I don't have to apply it a million times to get the color I want. I still haven't tried the colors in the other sets but so far I'm happy with the brand.
  6. I just found this old thread! I just placed a huge order of eyeshadows, Jumbo eyeshadow Pencils and a blush, hope I like them!
  7. The eyeshadows are very good for the price. Most have good pigmentation and payoff, obviously not as great finish as MAC or lasting power but it is very good.
  8. The NYX shadows are great. I usually put them over a sticky base so they adhere better. The round lipsticks are good, as are the jumbo eye pencils. I use the jumbo pencils quite often. In fact, I'm wearing slate today in the crease of my eyes.
  9. NYX eye shadows come in gorgeous colors! I've been meaning to buy a whole load of them! Good to hear that the qualities good too.
  10. lizz, I wanted to purchase slate but it was sold out @ cherryculture!
  11. I love nyx! I have their eyeliners, jumbo eye pencils, single shadows, round lipsticks, and blush. I totally recommend them.
  12. ^^ I can't wait to try them out!:nuts:
  13. I love NYX chrome e/e and the round lipglosses. The Chrome e/s have similar color payoff to MAC and last all day over UDPP. The lipglosses are highly pigmented and not sticky. The lipsticks are also great but I'm not much of a lipstick gal.

    My only issue with the chrome e/s are that they are kinda messy so you will have to press them or you risk getting shadow everywhere.

    I order mine from nonpareil boutique: http://www.nonpareilboutique.com/shop-by-brand--nyx-cosmetics.html

    cherry culture irritates me because of slow shipping (I'm in NYC, they are in LA) and when stuff goes out of stock you don't know until you get your box and see things circled on the receipt.
  14. ^^ Wow, that is annoying indeed. But I did click on some items that I wanted that said "out of stock" on the website....I am hoping all of my items are there! Thanks for the tip! I will check out that website!
  15. I noticed that brand is on eBay alot for really great prices. Is it being faked or really that cheap? :shame:

    Those pigments are really tempting me ... :p