Opinions on New Totes! Belmont vs Carry It

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  1. Hi, please share your opinions on the Belmont (both sizes) vs the Carry It. Has anyone bought one and what do you like/dislike about it?
  2. Pics to help

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  3. Louisvuitton coffee lover mentioned the Belmont in her favorites video on YouTube lately and she says she absolutely loves everything about it.
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  4. Thank-you! I just watched it. She is obsessed.. haha!
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  5. I haven’t bought or seen any in reality, but I prefer the Belmont, due to the the shoulder/crossbody strap.
  6. Ditto
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  7. The Carryit looks totally useless to me because it's so slim. I feel like it would look lumpy if you actually put anything in it.

    I wish the Belmont had metal feet on the bottom, and that the MM size came in the Venus color. I'd be seriously tempted by that.
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  8. Carry it I like that it zips close. Belmont I wasnt crazy about the top straps a little too short for me also the material of the bag felt a little too thin for my liking. Waiting for the verdict on the Belmont for those folded corners.
  9. I was looking at Carry It, but now that I've seen the Belmont, I prefer Belmont in terms of having the perfect tote shape and more acceptable strap lengths. It looks like a very functional bag.

    Plus, one of my favorite all time LV bags is the Sac Plat. I still use mine religiously. :heart::heart::heart:
  10. I like the Carry It! It’s super casual and I find the long straps to give the bag a unique look. I also appreciate that it’s made in mono and vachette. It’s a classic look! (Something too rare these days!)
  11. I much prefer the look of the carry it & love the longer straps. I don’t like the Belmont but then again I don’t like DE anyway so there’s that. I’d love to see pics of the carry it full of items to see how it looks.
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  12. I like the Carry It a lot. I tried it on today and I love the Monogram with the Vachette The canvas also felt substantial and the pouch is identical to the NF pouch. The red interior, the zipper closure and the length of the strap makes for a perfect tote. It’s a classic look and very simplistic
  13. Love that you mentioned sac plat.. I was considering a sac plat, especially seeing the recent runway had new adorable versions! Do you consider the straps functional? It does have the crossbody strap though.. ah!
  14. Yasss! It is very classic and has a casual-but-not vibe to it. I feel it won’t age as quickly as it already looks vintage.. if that makes sense?
  15. Good point! Wonder if I should ask to try one on and get the sa to fill it with things first. The flatness is sort of cool, but might look weird with lumps.