opinions on new brown ceramic Micheles?

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  1. On Nordstroms.com, there are 3 new chocolate brown ceramic Michele watches. What is your opinion of these? Too trendy? Bloomingdales will have them in for the holidays.
  2. Just tried on at Nordstroms. JMO - but ugly! Much nicer in pictures!
  3. LOL, I agree Hokaplan. I didnt see it in real life but even the pics didnt do much for me. I prefer the white or black ceramics or a stainless face with maybe a brown or other warm hued band to go with it. They have such great bands with texture. I saw some cool alligator and lizard ones thhat I would like to add to my collection
  4. I love them!! I specifically wanted the chocolate with rose gold. I wanted to get one, but they are SOLD OUT everywhere. Apparently, they are loved by many....too many, as I can not even find one to purchase. I hope they will restock after the holidays! I will be waiting.....