Opinions on Navy Patent Downtown

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  1. What do you guys think of this bag? i wanted to get one for school this fall (I'm going to Parsons for fashion design) but I'm worried about which size to get: medium or large. I've been told that Nordstrom or ysl can get me the large; and the medium is in-stock at my local Neimans. What are your suggestions? I know some are opposed to using a designer bag as a "school bag" but I'm not expecting to be carrying really heavy stuff. And I'm in love with the inky blue color!!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hi Mea: I think the Downtown would be a great choice for someone planning a career in the fashion industry! :tup: I've never seen it in navy patent before. Is this a new color for fall?

    As for the size, I just bought the bag in the large size. It is a big tote, probably too big for some tPFers. But I liked the look of the large, which is longer, as opposed to the medium, which is wider. Here's some comparison pics.

    Also, check out the "Celebs & YSL bags" thread at the top of the subforum, because there's a lot of Downtown pics in there.

    I'd highly recommend going somewhere that you can see the two sizes IRL, and try them on, before you buy. Good luck!

    Large Dowtown.JPG Medium Dowtown.jpg
  3. i haven't seen it in navy either...that would be tdf! there was a bit of navy in the f/w show though, so maybe?

    mea- where did you see this bag?

    i like the large for work/school...i used my oversized muse for school for awhile and it worked well.
  4. Hi Mea,

    I have yet to post pics but I have had the medium navy patent downtown for about a month now and I love it!!!! The medium is plenty of bag for me. I use it everyday for work. The bag can get a bit heavy when loaded up, but beauty is pain... ;) If you get yours enjoy it!!! Congrats on Parsons!!
  5. Thank you so much for replying, Cosmopolitan, canada's and labellavida13! I really really really appreciate it. I saw the navy patent for the first time at the Nordstrom in arcadia, ca; but they sold out already. Neimans of Newport Beach have a few left and YSL said only a few of their stores will be getting the color, but they could transfer it in for me. It's really beautiful and really dark. :heart: It is a new color for fall, but i guess there aren't many of them so they aren't advertising them like the green or red.

    But congrats to labellavida13 for getting the navy! I'm in love with it - I think I definitely will get one, it just depends what size now. The medium seems big enough for me; but we'll see...the large is pretty nice too!

    oh, and thanks for the congrats on Parsons...I'm sooo nervous! But I'm really excited too! :smile:
  6. Mea, good luck with your decision. Whichever size you choose, its a great bag.

    Labellavida13, I would love to see a pic of your navy patent Downtown. You outta start a thread!
  7. I'd get the large, but I just love large bags. Could you fit a sketchbook in there?
  8. I have the medium and on me the bag looks huge (so much, that i get comments from people saying how big it is, haha) I think it would just depend on your height, weight, and just personal style. I'm 5'5'' and 110 lbs.
  9. I got the medium navy patent downtown today!!!!!!!!:wlae: I'm really excited. Thanks for everyone's help with the bag, I decided the medium looked less overwhelming on me and could still fit a sketchpad and macbook comfortably. I'll get pictures as soon as I get my hands on my brother's camera. Again, Thanks everyone! :heart::smile::heart::smile:
  10. ^^^Congrats mea! :tup: You're gonna love this bag. I can't wait to see your pics.
  11. Thanks Cosmopolitan!! Seeing your pics really helped! Yay for all of our downtowns!!! :smile:
  12. Congrats!!!! You made a wonderful choice.
  13. ^^^ thanks! I think you made a great choice too! knowing that another tpf'er uses it for work/school type purposes really put my mind to ease about buying it! maybe I'll see you in nyc with it!!! :smile:
  14. Congrats! Post pics. I need to see this bag because I just got off the phone with the YSL boutique to see about getting the navy patent with the pocket. They are waiting on a shipment anyday.
  15. ^^ I'll try to tonight or tomorrow. I've been busy with work, sorry!