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  1. Hope you love it! I was just admiring the sheen of the nylon on my oxblood faye today. No idea what it is, but it's an extraordinary material.
  2. MZ Wallace 50% off at Flat of the Hill via their Facebook page or over the phone.
  3. I don't know if Midnight Bronze is the right color for that bag...I didn't think the Baby Jane came in Midnight Bronze, but you might want to call the main MZW store in NYC and ask them to confirm.

    The dust bag looks like it's one of the older ones? It doesn't look like the ones that MZW currently uses.
  4. Thank you!
  5. image-1823060212.jpg

  6. Paris tote review!!!

    I just sent iphone pics so hope they come out okay. I've carried the bag for 3 days. The leather is a tiny bit plasticky feeling with the coating but the good thing about leather like this is that you can place it on the floor and still wipe it down later. And after 3 days the leather is already starting to soften up. Carrying the bag is super comfy - those shoulder straps might dig in if you carried a lot of stuff but the strap drop is generous and I've been carrying her over a winter coat so the straps aren't digging into me. Carrying capacity is great. There is the usual little market purse (in the same leather) and 2 huge slip pockets on each side. You can actually fit a full size ipad in each of the pockets. I have a thicker neoprene case that I would probably want to have my ipad in (because the top is open, the leather is perforated and it is winter here) and when I have the neoprene case on the ipad it does;t really fit into the slip pocket but there is tons of other room. It is a strong and sturdy bag but lightweight at the same time.

    so am def loving the bag and would def buy it again if it came in diff colours/leathers.
  7. Actually - that is a full size new yorker magazine and my ipad in a bigger ipad carry case (rust coloured leather) so you can get a sense of the capacity.
  8. This bag is so pretty. Did they re-stock? I can't justify another bag any time soon, but I was stalking this for awhile to see if they would get more stock.
  9. I haven't seen it restocked so far but it sold out fast so I'm sure they'll try to make it again. I hope so at least.
  10. Beautiful! Love this bag! Thanks for sharing the IRL pics!
  11. I returned a Colette because I did not like those outside pockets being under the straps. It was simply an inconvenient orientation. Too bad, because I adore satchels and liked the adjustability of the straps.
  12. Yes, it has three pockets on the front and one on the back. It is small with a single shoulder strap like the also-discontinued Olivia. It is a really great little weekend bag.
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