Opinions on my shopping list for Paris....

  1. I'm going to Paris in March :yahoo: and have a little shopping list already for LV. Am I missing anything that I just have to get in Paris? Anything I should reconsider?

    Speedy 30 or 35---I need to try on the 35 and see if it is too big or not.

    MC Mirror Case---I really, really love the black MC, esp without the leather trim, and the price is resonable.

    Groom Agenda in Red---I'm not sure if I should wait until March to get this....will it be gone before then?
  2. your list is great but i would buy more ;)
    I would get the groom now
  3. I don't think it'll be gone from Paris by then, it seems to me that Paris is the safest place to go if every other store has run out of something. Sometimes they even have stuff from summer far into the next season that you can''t get anywhere else.
  4. I would be thrilled with those purchases alone...but I say pull out all the stops and spend as much as you can afford!

  5. :rochard: Ha! My wallet is going to need CPR after this trip!! There are a couple more things that I want, maybe I'll add them to the list!
  6. If you really want the Groom, get it now...I doubt it will still be available in march :smile:

    Have a great time!
  7. On the first day you should buy CARNET DE VOYAGE - PARIS and explore Paris with it. I did it and it's wonderfull I'm planning to do the same in London. You can put inside photos from trip!

    BTW have nice trip and avoid buying in Champs- store coz it's too crowded! Try in morning!
  8. hey i'm going to paris in february....my wishlist is

    speedy 30 or 35 - have to see them in real to decide which size....and i'm still not sure if monogram or damier - but i think DAMIER :wlae: (i change my mind every week)

    damier cles

    or maybe

    damier azur pochette (i like it for the summer)

    looking so forward to my trip!

    how many LV stores are there in paris? the champs one is the biggest, no???
  9. Sounds great!
  10. Your list sounds great, I hope you have lots of fun in Paris!!
  11. The store store on the Champs Elysées is the biggest. But it's really crowded, but I still found an SA immediately. There is another store in the Galeries Lafayette and another one in the Avenue Montaigne. Whenevr I go to Paris I make sure that I stop at Ladurée at the Printemps and eat the Coup Ladurée (chestnut icecram with chestnut chunks). :nuts: