Opinions on my next purchases

  1. Hello all:

    Now that the lesportsac/tokidoki collaboration is almost at an end i need to plan my future bag purchases.

    I have 3 items from when these bags came out and then stopped collecting them as I thought that the bags were coming out too many too fast. time passed and i regretted not getting things. esp when i saw how fabulous most of the prints were.

    Anyway, money is limited and i want to make an educated decesion about my future bag collection. Here is what i have so far and what i want.

    Have: Citta Rose Campeggio
    Inferno Caramella
    OP bambino


    I want something in the l'amore print, trasporto and the last one coming out.

    Since i am over 30, I don't want too many bags but i do love the accessories and i love small bags.

    Based on placement i was thinking of getting a portatelefono in transporto and a bocce in l'amore and then picking out something in the new print once it is out. i like to get something a little bigger to maximize the whole scene.

    what would you do?

  2. I think your plan sounds perfect...it sounds like you know what you want in transporto & amore, definitely go for those and then get something that totally rocks in Vacanze like an avventura or a zucca!! :graucho:
  3. Thanks Jen! I also want a Bella but think I may wait to get one of those in vacanze or one of the retired prints like spiaggia. I am hoping a Bella spiaggia will hit the outlets in Woodbury. by oct i can justify it as an anniversary present from my husband. Thanks!

  4. Lara,

    I haven't been paying attention to what's going on w/the bella but it might be discontinued. I'm not sure if it's available in Hawaii or Guam but you should check the lesportsac website to see if it's even available in transporto or tutti! :idea:

  5. Jen:

    you're right. argh! i will have to see if my brother can check one of the stores in hawaii to see if the bella is available in th newer prints. if it;s not I may have to reevaluate and get an older print in my bella, which is one of the only hand bags I thik i will use on a reglar basis..

    tanks for the heads up

  6. Lara,

    Since nothing seems to have been discontinued in Hawaii or Guam there's a pretty good chance he can get you a bella. I just don't know if there will be a vacanze bella or not. :cursing: It's so frustrating, I know!! Let me know what happens and what you decide to get! ;)

  7. Unfortunately they stopped making the bella bella style after the playground print... and if you mean the smaller 'bella' style, they stopped making that after spiaggia I believe... so vacenze won't have it :sad:

    lols you guys are too quick and already said that haha
  8. snapcat:

    don't worry about the repeat. i appreciate the info and the replies! off to email my bro. i hope he can get some info for me.

  9. you can still call. XD I think it's open still!

    edit; i also think there are bella spiaggias in the store. :O