Opinions on my next new bag! Quilted Bay or Elvire?

  1. Hi Girls,

    Ok so I am not breaking my ban :angel:, but I have sold a couple of my not so popular bags and now I can get a new Chloe (on sale ofcourse)...:wlae:I decided I only like bags that are tote like, so its easer to reach in and out of. I do not like hobos or slouchy bags anymore....

    I was eyeing the meduim quilted bay in the canelle colour from Sacoche or the Elvire in brown!

    I already have the Edith in whiskey so would the Canelle quilted bay be too similar??? I think the Canelle colour is a lot more Orangey?!?!? But is it too bright? What would I wear it with???

    I like the Elvire, I think its funky but I am worried Its not classic enough for me!

    One last thing, I am about 5,3" and a size 6.....would the quilted bay look to big?

    Thoughts would be appreciated!

    Modelling pictures care of Sacoche boutique...
    Canelle.gif canelle.JPG
  2. Wow? How were you able to get a picture? I think this purse looks fabulous on you. Are you loving it large? The Elvira maybe too big for you but the leather on that bag is pretty amazing. I will say the Canelle and Whiskey are pretty similar in their hues. I don't know??? Perhaps you should be saving those hard earned purse dollars for something special?
  3. Thanks but that picture is not of me, but I think she is about the size as me....You don't think it looks to big???

    I haven't stopped thinking about the quilted bay for the past month but maybe getting it in another colour is another option???
  4. Yes do that, get it in another color! You don't want two orangy purses? I do think this Bay works with your size. Also the Bay you want reminds me of the Heloise I want (yes that red number). I think the shape is a good investment bag.

    Also I'm soooooo with you on hobo's and slouchy baggy bags. I gave some away to my niece (they look really good on this statuesque 21 year old) on me???yucky.

    I have one hobo left, an Isabella Fiore; it's her tapestry bag with little crystals and a 'to die for' blue-green lamb's leather. It was a limited edition bag and I can't part with it. Also it's the only bag in my collection with some color...........
  5. But I wonder if I can find another great deal on a black or moka??
  6. I vote for the bay. The Canelle looks different from the whiskey edith (the edith has the cream stitching). I think the elvire is a heavy bag. Also, I don't think the bay would be too big on you. Good luck on your decision.
  7. THE BAY!!!!!!! I absolutely love the quilted bay and canelle is a fab color imo. The bay is a bag I would get in a light and dark color its just so gorgeous. The elvire has not grown on me as of yet.....
  8. When I see the Canelle I just love it, the colour with the leather looks so soft and the bag has a great shape. But I don't know what I would wear it with! I was thinking maybe the ecru is more versatile but the colour doesn't excite me!
  9. I agree with ali w. Definitely the bay. I love the canelle color also. I've never seen irl. It does look more orange than the whiskey. How close is it to whiskey? I think you could wear it with the same things you wear your whiskey with. To me they are in the same family of colors.
  10. I haven't seen it IRL thats why I am so confused! I don't know what their return policy is at Sacoche!

    Does anyone know?
  11. I've seen it irl, and its different from the whiskey. I have an antilope ava which is about the same color as the canelle and I wear her with just about anything. Imo canelle is a very versatille color!
  12. I love for the bay! Wow, canelle is such a pretty colour! IMO, the elvire is... errr... :yucky: Sorry. :shame:
  13. I'm getting the mocha Bay from Sacoche but maybe there will ber some other sales coming up soon from other vendors. It does seem that PF'ers like the Canelle color. I'm also liking the green that Diabro or somebody has. Lots of flair and style...
  14. Ok girls, I did it......

    Quilted Bay in Canelle is on its way:wlae::wlae::wlae:

    thanks for your great input:okay:.....I'll post pics as soon as she comes!