opinions on my new scarf pls

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  1. what do you think of this scarf with this bag? is the bow too big? opinions very much appreciated !!!

  2. looks great!
  3. I think as long as you love it on your bag thats all that should matter! :biggrin:
  4. Scarf looks great on the bag! You did a very good job with the bow too. Mine never come out that nice.
  5. It's cute! :biggrin: Looks great! :tup:
  6. looks perfect!
  7. Super pretty scarf!
  8. :yahoo: so happy that you guys like it. thanks everyone !!!
  9. I was thinking about doing a thread on how to tie a nice bow. Then we could all share bow tying tips. I'll have to start that later. I don't have time to take pics right now.

    OP, your purse looks cute with the bow. I'll bet you get some compliments when you take her out!
  10. Love it! But then again I love ALL scarves!
  11. Very cute and you are an excellent bow-tier!
  12. Super cute, I love tattersal scarves!
    Although IMO a bright, multi-colored scarf (maybe Legacy) would definitely spruce up your Chelsea too! :amuse:
  13. gorgeous scarf--I think it looks great.
  14. :tup::tup: