Opinions on my new Karta shift dress

  1. Hi everyone!

    I fell in love with this Karta dress and purchased it a few days ago:

    (Picture from Nordstrom)

    Do you guys think that it's a bit "too" much? Is it even possible to just wear it casually?
  2. SuLi - I love this line and especially this dress! I think that you could wear it casually as more of a tunic, but also dressed up a bit, too. It's super cute and seems comfy. So cute!
  3. It wouldn't be "too much" for Chicago, but DC is a pretty conservative town! I love the dress, though, and don't think it's "over the top." It's eye-catching, but in a good way.
  4. cute
  5. That's my hesistation with wearing it out here...but, more and more boutiques are "wisening" up and we have a pretty decent range of lines that can be found here. I actually purchased the dress from Intermix in Georgetown. I've actually seen Karta being carried locally at Nordstrom, Cusp (NM off-shoot), and NM.

    Thanks for the input so far.
  6. I like those karta dresses
  7. I think it's cute.
  8. I love it! I've been looking at Karta dresses lately...how do they fit?
  9. ^ I usually wear size 0 or 2, so I purchased the dress in XS. I think that they are pretty true to size.
  10. it's adorable.
  11. Super cute. You could totally wear it to DC bars or put it over jeans. I have a friend in the Madisons (v. exclusive younger womens social club) and she definitely wears things like it.
  12. I like it, but I think it's much, much too short to wear on its own. I'd say you should really only wear it with jeans to avoid being called vulgar in such a conservative city. It is very cute, though.
  13. Hi Suli,

    I LOVE this line. I have the yellow ruffled blouse. I think you can totally dress it up or down.