Opinions on my first Chanel purchase

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I am looking to purchase my first Chanel and I would love your opinions. I was at a boutique today and looked at both a black Jumbo in Cavier leather with SHW and a new Medium black Cavier Boy bag with SHW. I thought both were gorgeous. I originally planned to buy a jumbo because it is classic and timeless but the Boy bag really took me by surprise. I live a more casual lifestyle and feel I may get more everyday use out of the Boy. It also felt lighter. My husband really liked the Jumbo more. Would the jumbo make a better first purchase? Any feedback about both bags would be greatly appreciated. It would probably be a couple of years before I could buy the other. TIA
  2. Jumbo is a classic First Chanel purchase and great resale value. The Boy is edgy and fun but is not considered a classic....yet in my opinion....

    Buy what bag you will LOVE and WEAR and yes, loving a bag and wearing it are ENTIRELY different concepts.

    If you think the Boy works with your personal style, you should go for it! I have both and love both but for different reasons.

    Good Luck with your decision!
  3. you could argue that either would make a great first Chanel. IMHO the boy is now a classic (at least to me). it's not going anywhere and they sell out so fast every season, especially the black ones (whether it be regular quilt or chevron, lambskin, calfskin or caviar). i myself am waiting for the perfect boy (ideally black lambskin or calfskin with ruthenium hw in the old medium size, still haven't found it yet). i find you can style both casually. i carry my jumbo lambskin often and it's in the rotation with my other bags (different designers). you sound like you're leaning towards the boy so i say get what you are immediately drawn to when they are placed side by side. that's how i decided on my jumbo shown in my avatar (btw it was my first Chanel) :biggrin:
  4. If you plan to buy both eventually, get boy first. Classic will always be there.
  5. I'd go for the Jumbo but if you know you'll use the Boy more and it matches your style better, then go for that one!
  6. Black caviar Boy is pretty much a classic by now- not officially, but it's been popular so long that it's not going away anytime soon. Either is a great choice for first Chanel. Which one is better- well, you know yourself, your wardrobe, and your lifestyle best so it's hard for anyone else to say. Did either bag "sing" to you when you put it on? If so that's the one!
  7. Caviar Boy gets my vote as that is currently available and there is no guarantee they will retun in the future. The jumbo will be there in the coming years. Plus you said you will get more use out of the Boy!
  8. I'm not too crazy about the Boy, the Jumbo is much better made IMO.
  9. Buy what you love and use a lot. If you buy the classic flap and not use it as much, you won't get your money's worth, considering how expensive it is. Don't just buy a Chanel jumbo because other people are.
  10. Jumbo with SHW is more casual than the GHW version so if you're worried about that aspect, then SHW fits the bill. I'm personally not a fan of the Boy bags so my vote is for Jumbo! :biggrin:
  11. I would go with what you love! If you fell in love with the boy then go for that! But you can't go wrong with either! My first Chanel was a caviar jumbo with ghw
  12. This season's caviar boy soft caviar, not sturdy, in my opinion. Even my SA in the boutique said so. I vote for caviar boy only if you can get a good and sturdy caviar boy. (2014 Fall Caviar boy the best!) But if you don't mind the soft matte type caviar go for it.

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  13. Thank you so much for the information. I'm planning to go back and look tomorrow as well. I didn't know that about the new cavier. Is that true of the current model Jumbo cavier as well?
  14. No... Jumbo caviar more sturdy.(classic) You can touch and feel the differences. Very big differences! I just wanted to let you know that some tpfers waited for caviar Boys 2 years+ and got this season's caviar boy, disappointed the matte soft quality and sadly returned it. Every season's caviars are different(seasonal caviar). Suggest you go Chanel Boy's club to read tpfers' opinion. Some still love it for more edgy and casual look. Since this will be your first Chanel, I hope you get a good and sturdy quality caviar, very expensive purchase! 😅

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  15. It sounds like you are leaning towards the boy more. So I say go with the boy! Just know you can't go wrong with either one!