Opinions on my 3 new pairs of shoes!!


Feb 4, 2008
ok so i just got 3 new pairs of shoes in the mail today. i'm not sure how i feel about them yet. what do you all think?

p.s. sorry about the bad pics. i don't have my real camera with me so hopefully you get how it looks...

gladiators from urban outfitters:

frye black mary jane flats:

pour la victoire sandals from shopbop:

i really like the frye flats so i'm likely keeping those. i'm not sure how i feel about the gladiators. they were super cheap and i like the color and i love gladiators in general. it's supposed to be leather but it's super cardboardy and they probably just don't look good anyways, who knows? the high heel sandals are really hot. it's hard to tell from the pics but they're small straps that are interwoven together. my issue is there's no grip and they're slippery walking on the carpet in my room. and i feel like they're too high or maybe i'm just not used to wearing heels this high. i think they might look too...strippery? here's the link so you get a better idea of them: http://www.shopbop.com/dominique-wo...D=2534374302079716&fm=browse-brand-shopbysize

anyways sorry my explanation was so long. i absolutely want honest opinions. if you think it looks ugly tell me! :yes: TIA!!
Jun 26, 2007
I LOVE THE POUR LA VICTOIRE!!! I've been LUSTING after those shoes!!! I dont think they are strippery at all! I meant to buy them..but I had left my wallet at home. You have no idea how stupid I felt at the checkout counter, digging through my purse stupidly looking for my wallet!

And I won't be going home again (I'm back at college now) for another 3 weeks :sad:

I hope my shoes are still thereeee! I can't wait to pick them up. I would order them now but they are $26 cheaper at the boutique lol

I did notice that the Dominique sandals are really slippery but I figured I would just add those treads to the bottom:


Sep 22, 2006
I LOVE the last pair. Those are definitely hot shoes! The mary janes are also very cute and look like they would coordinate well with a lot of summer outfits.

I am not terribly fond of the gladiators, however. The color, at least how it comes across in the photos, isn't working for me and neither is the style. But I may be biased in that flat gladiator sandals don't do much for me in general.


Aug 12, 2006
The Pour la Victoire are super hot and TDF. I also like the Frye's. One of my all time favorite brands. I love ankle straps. Very cute.


Feb 4, 2008
thanks for the help everyone! yea ya know i'm not feeling the gladiators. they'll be going back and i'll look for some regular white sandals.

thanks for the sole tread suggestion JC. i think i actually have some somewhere i can use! i love new shoes. :yahoo:


Sep 23, 2007
loving the fryes and the last pair
not crazy about the gladiators (but that's just because I don't like that style)