opinions on mulberry bag colours please

  1. I have been eyeing up Mulberry Annie for a while and finally decided to purchase it. Now, the real dilemma is the colour. I love the oak, but I already own a Rosemary in that colour. However I love the colour, I just think it might be too much to own two bags of the same brand in the same colour. And black - it is versatile, but I haven´t seen any black Mulberry bags IRL (no retailer in or near the Czech Republic, that is where I am) and I am just a tad afraid that the lovely details would be a bit lost in black. Plus I am not sure if I would be inclined to use the bag during the warmer months, that is at least 1/4th of the year.
    So what do you girls reckon? Oak, although I have oak Rosemary already? Or never-seen black with limits for the summer season?
  2. Oak is rly the best mulberry color especially in Darwin but I think it's good to have a bag of another color. Black is versatile and can be used in warmer months too. I haven't seen a black annie, but have seen a black emmy IRL and it looks lovely
  3. MUlberry's black is quite intense so the bags are better suited to the winter months. Will check on their website later as don't know what colours the Annie comes in but a great new colour is their cream which I have in the Soho. It's great for both winter and summer.