Opinions on Most Versatile Hermes Blue?

  1. Funny, I'm not really a blue person except for Duke Blue (Go Devils!) but I really find myself drawn to some gorgeous Hermes blues, Thalassa and Blue Jean just to name a couple. I'm curious as to how versatile the Blues can be. Any thoughts appreciated!
  2. yes please, more opinions. i'd love a blue H bag! :smile: esp thalassa (which is hard to get in a bag nowadays i think). brighton blue is a bit lighter than the duke blue.

    i'd also love navy but i think that would have to be an SO.
  3. I think BJ is very versatile and can be a 4 season color. I haven't seen Brighton Blue in person yet but Shoes319 describes it as a true denim blue. And what is more versatile than denim? :smile:
  4. I have seen a 32cm kelly and a 31cm bolide in brighton blue and agree with shoes-it is a true denim color. I haven't seen blue jean in person yet.
  5. ^ IMO, Blue Jean usually photographs much lighter and brighter than it really is. It's a true sky blue and had no turquoise or aqua in it at all, as it sometimes looks in pics. I've also seen pics that make it look like baby blue. The first time I saw it IRL, I was shocked at the difference.
  6. I saw a Brighton Bolide in Clemence recently, it's really pretty but subdued, even though Thalassa is subdued as well, to me it's a more compelling color if that makes any sense.
  7. I think of my brighton as a blueberry blue also....since I am a 'blue' girl...I find it goes with anything and everything....looks good with reds and blacks and browns...greens...anything really!
  8. makes sense to me. I think Thalassa is the best blue Hermes does.
  9. Pics of brighton blue ASAP wallet and thallasa blue Karo GM... Brighton blue is a bit darker than thalassa blue...HTH!
    Hermes II 070 Medium Web view.jpg Hermes II 071 Medium Web view.jpg 2007_0103HermesKaro0004.JPG 2007_0103HermesKaro0010.JPG
  10. I would suggest Thalassa but since that's quite hard (impossible) to get, I would suggest Blue Jean. Brighton Blue has a wash of lavender that somehow "dulls" its intensity. However, that same "dullness" may work to its favour if you want a blue bag that is not too loud. BJ is a fun cheerful attention grabbing color that people will understand why you are carrying it even if it doesnt exactly matchy matchy your outfits...
  11. Thalassa is available on Special Order. I was offered to order it last week for this podium. It's available in boxcalf, currently.
  12. So did you order a bag in thalassa? I love my kelly in thalassa box and asked if I could order a birkin in thalassa box but my SA said no...strange
  13. i have BJ in a kelly and i love it to death. it's very versatile for all seasons and is just the right pop of color on any outfit. i've worn it with summer dresses to jeans and sweaters and coats. i am also loving the brighton blue as well and saw it recently IRL. i can see that color as being quite verastile too.
  14. No, I didn't, but it was definitely available, becasue my Sa had just returned from Paris when she offered me the SO.... I asked if I could have it in chevre, and she said it was currently only available in box.

    Now I wish I HAD SO'd it!! LOL!!
  15. GF is it only available in box?

    SoCal, thanks for the visuals

    Just saw your answer GF!