Opinions on Monogramming

  1. Hi, everyone....

    Viscious Bliss had suggested a Coach bag, so I got on line to look.

    I found two very similar bags that I love, both totes....

    One is style 2156 (signature shoulder tote) and the other is style 10627 (signature STRIPE shoulder tote) that can be monogrammed.

    I'm not sure what I think about monogramming. What do you all think?

    Have anyone of you purchased the Coach tote with your initials monogrammed on it?

    Opinions/ideas/experiences please! Thanks!

  2. I have the Coach signature stripe reversible tote that is monogrammed. I think it's looks pretty cool. Here is my bag.

  3. As long as you wont get tired of it and try to sell it later :smile:
    I think it looks fine on the bag :smile: