Opinions on MJ stones handbags?

  1. I was wondering whether anyone actually had one of these bags. What do you think of it? They look beautiful in pictures, but I didn't know what they were like in real life. If you do own one of these beauties, which one and what do you think of it? Pictures would be much appreciated as well!
  2. i don't own one, but i love the stones bags. i think they're beautiful. i passed up the paloma during the Barneys holiday sale because it wasn't in the color i wanted. i am waiting for the stones clutch to go on sale at eluxury. i'm guess-timating that it'll be marked down sometime around april or may. if and when it does, i'll be ready with my credit card!

  3. These r the only MJ bags to catch my eye lately...I think they r fun and original!
  4. i have the little edie in black and i love it so :smile:

    my friend bought the handbag with the long strap (i think it is still on eluxury) for every day and one of the stones fell out. she was crushed and took it back... i would have just gotten the thing repaired but i guess at full price you don't want it falling apart!

    i would recommend them for evening/special occasions in the clutch or smaller bag size. the stones make them heavier for a large bag and also more delicate so not ideal for an everyday bag imo
  5. I think they are expensive, but they are really original and modern. I like them, a lot. If I found one at a really great price, I might go for it. The clutch is beautiful.
  6. The other day I saw a girl dressed in all black, with a black stones bag... it was a great effect!
  7. I was just going to post the same thing - I have a friend who got one and a stone fell out almost immediately. I agree that they are really pretty, though.
  8. how gorgeous!