Opinions on MJ Sophia Bag......

  1. I am thinking of purchasing this bag. Does anyone have the Sophia bag? Are the shoulder straps fairly long, is it heavy, and is the leather the softer kind, not the stiffer leather that some of the newer Marc Jacobs bags seem to have?

    Thank you!
  2. I had this bag but sold it. It's very comfortable, the strap is adjustable, but I found that for a bag its size, it didn't hold as much as I would have liked.
  3. 2nd everything pseub mentioned. I had one and sold it as well. You'd think that the different compartments would be a huge plus, but the bag is so narrow that nothing ever seemed to fit in properly.
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  5. I currently own two 1st season Sophia (then known as Sofia) bags (w/brass hardware) and used to own a more recent Violet one (w/silver hardware). The 1st season bags have five sets of grommets on each side, giving the bag a shorter/longer drop - the newer versions only have three sets, but it still is long enough to hang comfortably on your shoulder (even over a heavier coat). I'd say the drop ranges between 9-12". The strap is also a little wider so it stays in place w/o slipping.

    The Sophia is made from soft calf leather (not the stiffer tumbled calf, like some of the more recent releases). It's the same type of leather used on the stella and multi-pocket bags. The leather softens with age and use. It's not a heavy bag (the hardware is most of the weight). The first season bags were made with a little bit thicker leathers that were unbelievably soft. I don't know what it is that changed, but most people agree that the leather used on those 1st season bags were nicer than what's currently used - altho, don't get me wrong, the current leathers are still VERY nice!!!

    I'd say the Sophia is a medium sized bag. It's nice because it's got 3 sections, so if you like to be organized, this is a great bag. I agree, that it doesn't hold a real lot - but if you need to carry the basics, plus a few xtras, it should be a good fit.
  6. i agree with the second & third post'ers. i have a maroon sophia that sits in my closet so i think i must part with it. i carry alot of stuff...huge wallet, makeup bag, receipts/giftcard pouch, blackberry...so it isn't practical for me.
  7. I love the look of the Sophia/Sofia, but it's too small for me. I wish it were just a bit larger. It would be perfect. I prefer the Stella, but I carry A LOT of stuff!
  8. Sofia was my first MJ! And she is now gone because of everything mentioned above! Too small:nogood:. Good Luck in what ever you :yes:decide!
  9. My story is the same as mrsduck - I used to own 3 Sophias but I sold all of them. They were a great start for me, but I carry around A LOT of stuff. The Sophia wasn't practical for that. It's a beautiful bag though, and one of my favorites from MJ!
  10. I am going to be contrary here and say I love the Sophia!

    It is a medium size bag-but fits everything I carry-which includes a long wallet, a mini skinny, a coin purse, a couple of pieces of make up and 2 sets of keys.
  11. I love everything about Sophia, EXCEPT how narrow it is. I can't fit everything in it that I carry everyday, but I do love the compartments and the shape of the bag.
  12. Investigate the multipocket in large! Quite a handsome bag and lots of room!:party:
  13. I have one in Butterscotch. But it's the Limited Edition 2nd version.

    I like it a lot, actually, even though I've barely used it.

    I think I am second guessing the color. I'm not sure it's really "me".

    But all in all, it's a gorgeously well made bag. I really like how it has divided sections and it holds a pretty good amount of stuff.
  14. I really love the Sofia style. It's not as heavy as the stella and can fit quite a lot. My first MJ was a Stella and I love it and will never part with it. It weighed me down a lot. I don't think the Sofia is too small. It is narrow though so if you have all your things in it a bottle of water definitely won't fit.
  15. how well does this fit the ZC??