Opinions on MICAHEL by Michael Kors

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has these bags and how they hold up. How do you view them (i.e. designer, low-end or mid-range designer or comparable to department store brands)? Are they worth the investment?
  2. I love them! I have two and would have more, but I've GOT to stop buying bags for a while. :blush:
    They are definitely designer bags, they are just the lesser priced, sportier collection.

    He also has really great shoes in a variety of prices from the Kors collection up to his Michael Kors couture line.
  3. I have several of his- and really like them. They were in the $300-$400 range and one is leather and the other suede w/ leather. They have held up well! :yes:
  4. I saw two small Michael Kors bags at TJ Maxx today. The leather was very soft and pliable, but there was too much metal for me! :smile:
  5. Definitely designer bags. I've seen a couple I liked. Most of their bags are nice but not my style.
  6. I have 3 of his bags. I really like them a lot and they hold up very well. I have one that is suede and two that are not. I haven't used the suede one yet, but I plan to soon. I think you should get one...they are very nice and very casual!
  7. I have one and I LOVE it...the leather is so soft and it is such a well made bag. I am very happy that I purchased mine.
  8. I have a Michael by MK bag called the large Astor. It's a fabulous bag! The leather is incredibe and I love the interior! I think they are definately worth it, especially the Astor bags. Here's a pic of mine...

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  9. I've had MK bags in the past. Well made of quality leather, and maybe more importantly, well designed. The styles may be a bit trendy for my tastes, but MK seems to have put some thought and care in to how they will actually be used.

  10. I have a few. I have the Astor and I love it. I also have a slouchy tan hobo style bag. I don't know the name of it though. It is the softest leather. I think his bags are great. Great styles, good quality and really nice and practical features inside the bags like cell phone pockets and key chain leashes so you don't lose your keys in the mess inside your bag.
  11. I have a large black Michael Kors bag that I use as a book bag or tote... I love it! It isn't leather though...
  12. I've seen some and they look lovely. The bags I looked at seemed a bit heavy for handheld bags, though. Else I would have made a purchase. There was a turquoise leather that looked fabulous!
  13. Very durable, supple leather......will last a very long time. One of my favorite designers. I think Michael of Michael Kors is mid-range.
  14. I have two - the white leather and corn husk Santorini tote and a lizard embossed silver clutch - and I love them both. The Santorini tote is a little fragile due to the corn husk material but the leather on the clutch is so soft and durable. I also consider Michael by Michael Kors to be more mid-range.
  15. I've been lusting after a couple of versions of the Astor. Yours is one of them, in that color, too. :drool:

    I think one of the things about his MK bag collection is they have just that little "edge" that I like to my bags without going nuts. Granted the fringe jobbies from this fall have left me cold (the 60's are so OVER Michael!), but beyond that, I've not seen many of his MK bags I'd turn down.:yes: