Opinions on Medallion tote please

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  1. Well, today I went to Saks to check out my options. I had originally planned on waiting until fall to purchase my next Chanel, but with the threat of a price increase and the event this week, I decided I better just buy now.
    Now I need your advice - My first thought was to get a flap (m/l or jumbo), but then I saw the medallion tote in chocolate and really thought it was a great bag that I could use a lot (I've been looking for a brown bag for a while now!). I have two Chanel bags now - a black GST and a black e/w flap.
    So ladies, I know you are the experts! Your opinions please! TIA
  2. I'm not sure if the medallion is included in the price increase (please correct me if I'm wrong) so you may want to get the flap first.
  3. Sorry, I think in giving background, I was unclear. I went into the store thinking perhaps a flap was the way to go - classic Chanel. I'm always thinking long term. But then, I saw the Medallion tote and really liked it. So, I guess I'm just looking for feedback on that bag as far as its staying power and how well tPF women like it.
  4. I bought it awhile back but exchanged it for the GST because it wasn't big enough for me (I have alot of stuff) and felt it was a little too uncomfy and stiff when wearing it on my shoulder. It was a gorgeous bag though!
  5. I just purchased a black medallion tote today. I love it. I wanted a tote that can be casual enough to run errands with but chic enough to wear with something dressier. It doesn't hold a ton of stuff...perfect with just enough room for my phone, wallet, day-timer and makeup bag. It won't hold a water bottle or any random purchases but that's fine.

    I was originally going to pay an extra 1200 dollars for the new black east/west tote in medium but thought that bag would a) be too delicate because its lambskin and b) the white trim would get dirty over time and not look as sharp. The SA assured me the lambskin is vintage and won't look completely scuffed up but still, the gorgeous bag would be too high maintenance and I would constantly worry about it. I think with the medallion, it would take a lot of abuse and still look great!
  6. thanks for starting this thread. I also want to get the medallion tote. I borrowed one from a friend and loved it. I found it to be light and comfortable. I really liked that it matches everything and can be used in the evening. I have not gotten it yet because I wasn't sure it was hip enough...
    I feel silly even saying that. I think it's a beautiful bag. If you get it please post pics.
  7. Like the medallion tote it's classy and easy to maintain.
  8. i vote for the medium or jumbo flap. if you think you will ever get one of those two in the future, then i suggest you getting it sooner rather than later. they always increase the classic flaps and lthough i'm not sure if they will increase this time around....i don't know if you want to chance it. the flaps are great to have in any collection.
  9. I think the Medallion is just a more casual version of the GST because it doesn't have the chain handles so if you want a different looking bag, go for the classic flap!
  10. id go for the jumbo
  11. I don't think the Medallion tote comes in chocolate at the present time. You may have seen the burgandy? They are pretty close in color.
  12. i have seen the chocolate
  13. Okay, I'm going back to look one more time. I know that I love the brown color. I don't know which jumbos my Saks had or if they even had any in caviar. What colors should I be able to find the jumbo in? Does it come in the dark brown?
  14. Personally, I find the Medallion tote is hard to carry on the shoulder. I don't know if hands-free is one of your requirements, but this bag is too bulky (for me) to carry on the shoulder. Also, it's very structured so the bottom sticks out a bit from my body. I like my bags to lie closer to by side so this one is hard to wear unless I carry it from my hand.
  15. I don't really like the medallion, sorry. I'd go for the flap! :tup: