Opinions on MC small wallet on Let-Trade

  1. Okay, there's a MC Wallet on Let-Trade going for a good price. But the leather looks kinda icky. Anyone have any opions about whether this came be cleaned up or not?
  2. It can be cleaned up, only to a certain point. Baby wipes will help a little, but it will not get rid of that big black splotch in the middle of the vachetta...
    One of my bags used to have dirty vachetta...the baby wipes helped lighten the dark spot a little, but you can still see it.
    IMO the wallet is too worn.
  3. Thanks for your opinion. I think I'll pass on this one, I'm not really feeling the condition.
  4. Oh the PMP ! I was looking at that too, but the price REALLY reflects the condition - bummer !
  5. Yeah! Wait for another one in better condition! :flowers: