Opinions on mc Shirley please xx

  1. Hi everyone:p
    I would appreciate your opinions on the shirley bag, I have a small ring agenda which I use as a wallet and one of lovely ladies on here has already told me that it doesnt fit into the shirley.
    Now, do you think I should get it anyway and just use my cles as a wallet while im using that bag? Or do you think that I should just get a larger bag?
    Its just soo pretty!
    Any opinions I would really appreciate!
  2. The Shirley is a great piece and it's good for those days/nights when you don't want to carry very much. It's also very versatile with its strap and can be dressed up and down. It's more a matter of can you see yourself getting mileage out of such an item...
  3. It is very pretty. It depends on what you will be using it for. For me, I get frustrated with a small bag that I unable to fit my essentials in. If you think you can make it work with a cles, then go for it. It is an eye-catcher.
  4. i have this bag in white, and i love it. it's so pretty and feminine, but i only use it as an evening bag, because it's really not practical for anything else
  5. I love the shirley it is so cute, but i think a larger bag like the Eliza or Lodge Pm would be good.
  6. I have it too! And, adore it, especially as a weekend day bag. But, it requires organization and forethought, to take only exactly what you need and to fit it all precisely in there. It's also nice to use inside a larger tote, if you need glasses, agendas, etc etc, and then pull out for a light bag to take shopping with credit cards, keys, cell phone, lipstick, just essentials. ps: It's an extremely sexy bag! I love mine!
  7. I love the MC Shirley. It's a very elegant and pretty bag - especially in white!
  8. I :heart: the Shirley bag! I think that it is too cute! I think it would be fab as a clutch for evenings out to dinner and/or a movie and in white would match EVERYTHING for summer. Get it! And post pics when you do of course!
  9. It is very pretty. BUT it won't fit your daily needs.. It could only fit my small cellphone, lipgloss and car keys :smile:
  10. I think if you're going to be out and about with your shirley its not going to be an everyday bag, so the cles would do as your wallet.
    I this the shirley is cute for evenings out and an afternoon of shopping when you want something light and dont need everything in your handbag.
  11. thanks everyone! If i got it i would want to use it as a smaller everyday bag and it sounds like its just going to be too small... I think i will have to go and try and see if i can fit my essentials in xx
  12. i really like the mc shirley. I think you should just get it and use it with your cles.
  13. It's a cute bag. Probably more for evening, but I think you can get away with it as a small day bag.
  14. It depends on if u are a heavy purse packer or not like mentioned above. But it's soooo pretty, hope u can find a greata color combo to bring home :flowers:
  15. I love the Shirley! It's so pretty and cute and you should definitely get it! :graucho: