Opinions on matching wallets w/your COACH bag..

  1. I'm thinking about getting the Ali in Whiskey, but the Legacy wallet in Whiskey is not on the site anymore.

    Do you usually like to have a matching wallet with your bag? Maybe I can see if there are any stores that still carry it?

    Thanks for your input!!

  2. I usually don't, but lately I am getting hooked on accessories so I have a black signature and a khaki signature wallet to match my bags that are the same color...
  3. I'm kinda obsessed with things matching and right now most of my accesories match, except my cosmetic case isn't Coach and it's driving me NUTS!
  4. I HAVE to have a matching wallet to my bag... I also try to get a matching wristlet. I even go as far as matching the hardware, the color of the leather trim (I own signature pieces only) and the color of the stitching.

    I really wanted the Signature Shoulder Tote in chocolate but the stitching on the bag and on the wallet weren't the same color so I passed... I really wanted that bag, too! :push:

    I'm bad... :shame:
  5. I did buy the Legacy Shoulder Bag along with the Ali in whiskey and do
    have the matching wallet as well. I generally don't match my wallet to my bag I just happened to love that wallet so much that I purchased it. I sometimes use other designer wallets in my Coach Bags. For my blue Ergo Tote I purchased a Tignanello wallet in a turquoise that is very close to my bag. The reason I did not buy the Coach Ergo Wallet was because it is signature which I do not care for. I kind of go with my mood, sometimes I match but I also like things that don't necessarily match as well.
  6. I don't match my wallet to my bag but my accessories do match each other. For my legacy & ergo bags I use my striped legacy accessories. Right now I'm carrying a Banana Republic hobo in winter white and I'm using my signature khaki/gold trim accessories with it. I don't mind if they don't match my bag as long as they complement each other.
  7. ^ I go with the compliment theory as well! :smile:

    I use a Marc Jacobs zip clutch for my wallet, but typically use a Balenciaga bag or Coach bag!! So they are diff brands, but I like the color to be a compliment of the bag I am using... Also, my accesories are diff from my wallet, but match each other. (i.e. - MJ zip clutch in tan, sparkle lilac Coach wristlet & card case in bag.)

    This way, I can switch between bags easily, and I know where everything is... I don't think I could stand switching wallets really often.
  8. I have started too! Okay, maybe not wallets, but wristlets certainly!
  9. Yup! All of mine has a matching wallet or wristlet. It just sucks though that something so small costs almost half of a purse.
  10. Not all my bags but some. I do like a wallet that looks good in the bag. I have a black soho wallet, tobacco wallet, a scribble and a mimosa wallet. I would like to get a red one for my whiskey bag. I think it would look cute.
  11. I like the Coach Accessories, Butthey don't have to match eatch other or the bag.
  12. Some accessories at least coordinate or contrast. Metallic Optice Hobo w/matching wallet & wristlet. For my black and white ali's I have a black wallet, a fushia planner which match the stripes, plus striped wristlet. I have the Mahogany chelsea satchel with lavendar lining and a lavendar wristlet. It's fun.
  13. I must have the matching wallet and for smaller bags I must have the mini skinny to go with the bag.
  14. The money I was going to buy a little stam with I instead traded in my ludlow for a french purse, so thats over 700 right there, so I don't have the luxury of even thinking about more then one wallet!
  15. I dont carry a wallet, I use a wristlet for my wallet. I like to buy leather bags and then get accessories in a signature. Makes it easier to switch out my bags as often as I want. I am also like others here, I like to match my accessories... matching cosmetic bag, wristlet, skini, whatever. I did it a little backwards this last time though. My DH bought me a patent wristlet for Christmas so I had to go out and buy the bag (and the skini) to match :happydance: