Opinions on mahala colors

  1. If anyone can help with this I would really appreciate it.
    What colors does the shiny mahala come in? Is it a true patent? In your opinion which is prettier the shiny or the more matte leather. Does the electric blue look good in shiny (as it is listed on JC website).
    Also, in the red color, I have seen it in pics where it looks marbled and also where it looks solid in color.
    What colors are best?
  2. Kare, the only Mahala I am aware of in shiny (patent leather) is the new 2007 Fall Plum color. The red, electric blue various colors are more bright leathers. The bronze Mahala seems to be a more mate & marbled look. I just got this in the mail the other day. I will take some photos and post, but I think the fall colors for the Mahala will include some additional patent leather colors besides the plum.
  3. Thanks Robyn,
    I love the electric blue but think it may be too (colorwise) much if it was actual patent. On the JC website it lists as shiny.
    The plum is beautiful as well. Very rich looking. I wish I could see it in person. I got Marcia today (white). Not sure if its too large and may switch for mahala. It is hard to locate the blue. I saw one on eBay & asked the seller if it`s guaranteed authentic. Asked where purchased and for receipt. She wrote it was a gift and was purchased in Italy. Too evasive....
  4. I think the blue is Gorgeous:drool: and I would be tempted to purchase it, if I didn't already have quite a few 2007 Spring/Summer bags already:shame: but the Blue Wet look Patent was TDF too. (See the JC members thread) The Plum is so hard to describe, but the best way to see the color IRL is to look at the color in this new clutch. They are the same color and I had seen this clutch a month ago and was hoping & praying they would release it in the Ramona or Mahala and last Thursday my SA emailed me with the photos:yahoo: 24 hours later it was on my doorstep:party:
  5. Robyn,
    The plum is gorgeous! I looked at the threads and was dying to see your blue Riki (I want a riki). I could not open the pics though.
    I made the mistake of passing on an emerald riki last week. The SA was holding it for me and I told her I really wanted a lighter color. I called back an hour later to tell her I changed my mind, but it was too late. I didnt know riki came in blue! I love that size as I find the romana a bit large.
    You have such an amazing collection. How do you decide which to wear? I would love that problem!
  6. i love this clutch!!

  7. Try going through the tpfmembers jimmychoohandbags thread directly. The photos are still there:yes:
    An Emerald Riki:drool::drool: is this for the Fall 07, I must see this beauty;) As for my decision on what to wear:confused1: It is getting easier as I have been selling off some of my babies lately to make room for More:party:
  8. [​IMG]
    Robyn! How could you print more pornographic pictures for me to glare at?!:p That's it.... We are meeting at Choo's when you get into town. Lunch is on me at McCormick and Schmicks down the street. We'll talk dirty as we go through the store, fondling bag after bag.:drool:
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Oh Blondecat, you kill me
    WE WILL have to meet at the JC store, Casey is expecting us and I think there will be some COOL items on SALE:yahoo::yahoo
    We can fondle every bag all afternoon and maybe go back the following day for more:party: JC bags are better than $*!:graucho: