Opinions on LV TROMPE L'OEIL

  1. :yes: Hi! I am thinking of purchasing the LV 2004 TROMPE L'OEIL pochette and Le Fab. Does any one own this line? How are they holding up? I know it is a velour type material. Can you use it daily? Does it get wear marks? Any opinions would be great. Thanks!
  2. Some ladies have this line..
  3. I love this line, I think it was from FW2005
  4. oh god... trompe is beautiful. but i don't think it's meant for everyday use?
    btw, if someone have it, can u please post pics wearinf it. would love to see that :P
  5. I have it. I am at work right now though. Here's a pic I took for another Louis Vuitton group:

  6. oh michelle, it's gorgeous... the bag & you :P
  7. I loved this line and I know Michelle is tired of me telling that I want her bag haha.
    But really, I love the line...it's so DIFFERENT and gorgeous.
  8. OT, but i love your Primp thermal!! :girlsigh:
  9. I love it, and it's gorgeous ! Unfortunately, it seems to be pretty hard to come by, those lucky girls that have one - I'm forever envious ! ;)
  10. I love Primp. I also have the bunny thermal in pink and the bunny hoodie in cream. :heart:
  11. Michelle: You are just tooo cute. Love your shirt.
  12. Aww I want a bunny one..I only have this jacket:


    Only cause it was on sale at Nordys for $80

    Sorry to original poster for hijacking thread! :shrugs:
  13. Ahhh Primp. Don't even get me started..I just got a couple more pieces this morning.
    I love the UPS guy..he says I'm his best customer lol. Hmm though..that might be a bad thing... :lol:
  14. I know. You have everything. I am so jealous. :crybaby:
  15. Michelle: if you dont mind me asking how much was your bag??