Opinions on LV shoes for men?

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  1. While in Italy, numerous LV shoes for men caught my eye and I was wondering if anyone here had any and what they thought of them? The sneakers really interest me and I would really like to buy some if they're worth the money. Thanks :smile:
  2. I buy the women's shoes and I love them. I can't give you an opinion on the men's - only to say if my Husband would wear them, I would buy them.
  3. i always buy men shoes for my DH.. sneakers, mules and thongs...e used the thongs and mule.. but not the sneaker.. but he says they were comfy
  4. women really do notice a man's shoes. No matter what he's wearing, if he is wearing a good shoe, I will check him out! I notice a lot of american guys wear crappy shoes.
  5. Big bro's got a few pairs, although the ones that get the most use are the denim ones, (I BELIEVE they are called "monogram denim footing" but I could be wrong either way they are the only mono denim available also he uses damier geant ones alot.
  6. Soooooooo comfortable!!!
  7. My husband has a pair of dress shoes and driving shoes (both black leather). He loves them! I always encourage him to find another pair that's doesn't scream LV, yet classic.
  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the mens sneakers for LV!!!
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