Opinions on Louis Vuitton Wallets!

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  1. This August I am going to Paris for my 21st birthday and I'm planning on buying a Pochette Metis in empreinte noir and am also looking for a wallet. I am not a big fan of small compact wallets, so I have been looking at the Emilie bloom (I think that's what it's called) as well as the Emilie in the empreinte leather and the Clemence wallet in vernis leather.

    I am a little apprehensive on getting the Emilie bloom, as I've read a lot of people have had issues with it. I would buy the Emilie in empreinte or vernis in a heartbeat if it was available in a pink or red!! and I like the overall shape of the Clemence but am not crazy about having a zip closure! I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of these wallets and what they think about them. :smile:

    (I have considered the Sarah but feel like it might be a little too big to put in the front pocket of the PM)
  2. I have the Emilie and the Clemence and I love both. I really have no complaints about either. They both are great and I switch out between the two.
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    I have both the PM in empreinte and sarah wallet in epi. Yes, the front pocket will not fit the sarah wallet. The emelie wallet is also the same size as sarah only thinner. If you can make it fit, it might eventually damage the glazing, I think.

    The sarah wallet is very functional IMHO. I have the full zippy, compact pallas and compact zippy OM. I love all my wallets for deferent reasons but sarah is the most easy to use to me.
  4. I have the PM in empreinte noir and an Emilie also in empreinte noir. It fits PERFECT in the front compartment of the PM. And it’s just a great wallet. I use it as a clutch all the time as I can even fit my iPhone 8+, with a slim case, in the large middle compartment of the Emilie. I’m not sure if the fit is the same in the canvas version, but this is what ultimately sold me on the Emilie! I do wish there was a lighter colored empreinte version because I could see myself buying a 2nd one.
  5. I stand corrected then :smile: :tup:
  6. Oh wow I didn't know it fit an iPhone 8+! That's amazing! I have the iPhone xs max, I believe it's the same size as the 8+. I am leaning more towards the Emilie in the empreinte, I just wish it came in other colors! Have you had any issues with your wallet?
  7. I've read a lot of posts of people having issues with the glazing on the Emilie, have you ever had an issue with it?
  8. I have both Clemence and Emilie. I recommend both of them.

    Clemence is a great slimmed down zippy. Fits a lot but not as big as the zippy wallet. I liek the fact that it can fit my iphone X in there just fine. Mine is mono fuchsia and I adore the monogram insert when you open it. My only issue with it is that I can't seem to find a card slot that its easy to take out the card...my current wallet is Victorine and you don't even need to open the wallet to get the card out.

    Emilie is also great just for the functionality and price point. I have it in Empreinte and I certainly recommend you to get this instead of mono because the flap might "curled up" more easily with canvas. This also fits a lot as well and it is my travel wallet. I think my phone and passport both fit? need to double check.
  9. No, I’ve had my Emilie for about 5 years and I’ve had no problem with the glazing. It still looks good.
  10. Regarding issues, I did replace the button a year ago for $30, but that was fine with me.
  11. I bought the Clemence and returned it--my bills stuck out of the slot-believe you wouldn't have that problem in the Emilie.
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  12. No issues so far but I have only had it about 6 months. But i’ve definitely not been easy on her either. I know the flap is the major source of cracking in the glazing but mine still looks perfect. Button is scratched but that’s the way it goes!
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  13. Hello!
    I just dipped my toe into the LV world in March with my first purchase, a wallet. I did an exhaustive amount of research on what each wallet offered. Here is a rundown of my process and what I ended up purchasing.

    I knew I wanted a mono canvas, long wallet and I knew I wanted an envelope style. I really did not care for the choices with the leather button cover on many of the mono choices. The Adele really caught my eye but I ruled it out because I did not want to have to negotiate such a wide-open wallet while conducting a transaction in a store. I really liked the simpler version of the Emilie over the Sarah but the ultimate factor was the back pocket of the Sarah. I can tuck a few bills and my debit card in the back pocket and never even open the wallet while I am running errands. My iPhone 6s has a thick case and it fits in just fine. My passport fits too. I use this wallet every day and I knew I did not want anything that needed to be babied. The Sarah wallet has the metal button. I have tucked a slim silver pen and a slender lip gloss and I have everything I need in a simple elegant clutch.

    I could see adding a smaller wallet or cardholder to my collection, but the Sarah is an excellent place to begin because it covers so many bases. And it comes in epi, vernis and empreint! I have had my wallet a little over a month and I cannot say enough about how much I love it. I never appreciated how much one actually reaches for their wallet in the course of a day. Every time I go to use mine, I get a little thrill because it is so beautiful and functional at the same time. You can literally feel the quality.

    Many thanks to the people that posted a review of their wallets. I learned so much and it was an incredible resource as I tried to make a decision about my purchase.
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  14. Glad you are so satisfied. Your research paid off and it also shows what works for one may not work for another. Case in point, I also own a Sarah wallet and like it, but it doesn’t fit my cell phone 6S, and hard to close if I put my checkbook (without cover) in it. My snap doesn’t always stay shut, so prefer a Zippy but the Sarah is beautiful to look at and holds 12 cards.
  15. The only thing that prevents the Emilie from being perfect for me is 2 more card holders. For that reason alone I reach more often for my Clemence.
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