Opinions on Lockit Horizontal please

  1. I love the look of this bag but these are my concerns:

    1. It looks stiff
    2. The outer rolled handle may fall off my shoulder and be a PAIN!

    What do you think??
  2. I love mine, not stiff at all, I use mine on my shoulder with no problem in spring, fall and summer. With my heavy coat on it is a handbag, could of used an extra inch or two for winter use
  3. I agree, not stiff AT ALL. it comes with cardboard inside so it can keep it's shape during storage but it's not rigid at all.
    wearing on the shoulder isn't a problem at all. sometimes I have a prob with my bh but not the lh.
  4. no its not stiff at all, my arms a little pudgt so i cant shaulder it properly but ive seen other ppl with it and it looks resally good
  5. Love it - what a great bag!
  6. I have the BH too. Which bag has a shorter drop - the BH or the LH? Which do you like more? Get more use out of?
  7. Its not stiff and I haven't had any problems with it slipping off my shoulders.
  8. I don't think that the LH is stiff and it stays up without any problems. It's big though, so I don't fill it up, or it gets too heavy.
  9. Hi img!!!
    I don't have the LH but as I've seen both IRL I would propose the LV...Although they are gorgeous I have the feeling that LH is extremely horizontal..got the point? lol...Lockit vertical sits better and although it seems smaller it is roomy as well...Hope I helped you a bit...
    My sister has the LV and she has no problem with the strap falling...
    Good luck