Opinions on Linea Pelle Gillian Satchel

  1. What [​IMG]does everyone think of this bag? Anyone have it? The chain is detachable by the way.
  2. For some reason the handles (straps) seem disproportionately slim to me, but I love the deep rich color and the leather looks TDF!
  3. Hi everybody,
    I am eyeing the medium on the LP website because I like the shape, but Kataphileo has the gold on sale too and much cheaper. My problem is the ALL Sales Final Policy. Some bag styles just look better in certain sizes and I won't know for sure until I try it in person.:sad:The gold looks good on the website and can give a nice punch of color with my grey winter coat but I think the expresso look divine..I currently have a HH Nomad Drawstring in Bark, Mk Astor in Luggage, HH salina in Amethyst, MBMJ Satchel in Firebird, HH in Smoke Blue, HH Mimi in Banana..so :shrugs:. However this might be my first major purchase for this year:tup:. I have been very good!:yes:
    Any help is greatly appreciated .
  4. i have the large gillian in espresso and i love, love, love it! i used it today actually. the leather is slouchy, but not mushy as with some other LP bags. i get a lot of compliments on it because it is pretty unique. other than my own gillian, i haven't seen any others IRL so i can't comment on the look of the distressed gold, but a few years ago i bought a distressed gold bag (maxx new york) and it has been sitting in my closet for well over a year. i think the style just wore it's welcome w/ me. IMHO spend the extra $ and get the gillian w/ the non-distressed gold leather because i think a bag like that will be more wearable in the long run. oh, and i keep the chain on mine. i think it completes the bag and it doesn't jingle to bad. :smile: good luck!
  5. I adore the way the leather balloons when you sit the bag down. And the handles seem appropriate in size in person.
    LPGillianFront.jpg LPGillianBottom.jpg LPGillianInside.jpg LPGillianSide.jpg
  6. I have this bag in Olive and light brown (the exact color name slips my mind) but I love this bag... so light and stylish... very feminine.
  7. [​IMG]

    Wow! That's really pretty! Which color is that?? It looks almost chocolate! Thanks for the pics of what fits inside too! We should probably start a "What's Inside Your LP" thread... :yes:
  8. Gillian is so beautiful and feminine, but never came in a color I need ! :sad:
  9. As many of you know, I lusted after the Medium Gillian (sight and size unseen) for months and finally found one (the large ones are must easier to track down). The only reason I didn't want the large was because the listed measurements seemed so huge!
    When I finally got the medium, it was much too small for me.
    I absolutely love the feminine style of the bag, but now I am secretly seeking the large in Espresso! LOL!!!
  10. speaking of the gillian ballooning, i just looked over at mine on the floor at work! it's a crappy cell phone pic, but you get the idea. :smile:
  11. Hi ladies,
    thanks for your wonderful input,:tup: i guess my dilemma is solved , the bag is no longer available on the website and it wasn't me who purchase it..my bank account is sighing with relief!:sweatdrop:
  12. I love this bag - it's actually the one that got me interested in LP! I bought a Medium Gillian in Cognac a few weeks ago - and I love it! I agree, it is a little smaller than I thought it would be(and I tend to carry big bags), but it's a good size and I love the style of it.
  13. It looks very stylish IRL.