Opinions on Linea Pelle Ashley Shopper or Messenger

  1. Hi,

    I was browsing through some sites and I noticed The Linea Pelle Ashley bag in Marine. I am looking for a blue bag and that one definitely caught my eye. My question is which one would you pick? I was wondering the strap drop on the shopper. The other can be worn as a messenger bag. Anyone have this bag and what are your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. I like the second one. In the picture, it looks like there may be longer strap tucker under it? In any case, I personally like a strap than hangs comfortably on shoulder but not a long messenger style.
  3. I thought there was a longer strap underneath as well. Anyone know for sure? Anyways, i just placed an order so I hope I love it. It was 207.00 all together with promo code style15. Can't wait!!
  4. Good deal...hope you love it
  5. Mmmm neither are really my style...I am not a hardware kind of girl...

    but if you love it then that is all that matters!!!
  6. I had the messenger in Marine. Lovely soft leather and I really liked the colour, but I just couldn't "do" the studs. Enjoy your new bag!