opinions on legacy stripe fold over wristlet

  1. okay....any opinions from those who have this wristlet in any color....... on the size, funtionality, usefulness of this piece??? i really like it and want something in the legacy line thats an accessory........
    any comments would be appreciated
  2. I have one and think it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! The only problem is I think it's so pretty I don't want ot mess it up.

    Otherwise I would say it's definitely worth the buy. It surprisingly has a lot of space and is (as always with COACH) well-crafted.

    So, get it. :yes:
  3. I have 2, and I love it to death! They are sooo beautiful! It does have a lot of space, but honestly, I really haven't use it because it is sooo pretty!
  4. it's very roomy and fits a ton! aarti posted pics of hers before, so you can see all the pockets and how much you could fit in there.
  5. I just received the stripe one!
    It's a beauty! :yes:
    Haven't used it yet...just admiring it!
  6. a lot of the owners of this wristlet says that it's so roomy and functional =) so i am goin to get one (punch and orange, or black and white) if they have it at the outlet on april
  7. i'm loving the legacy stripe fold over wristlet...I can't wait to find one. Do anyone know the style number?
  8. I love mine to death and if you do a search you can see the thread about its functionality I posted about before.
  9. I saw it at the Coach store the other day and think they are very cute! I love the fold over feature and how pretty AND functional it seems :smile:
  10. I'm not a big wristie fan but I bought an orange/pink vest from Lands end in November and I've thought the punch orange foldover would be cute with it....but then I think it would be too matchy-matchy.
  11. I think its really pretty.
  12. hey guys..thanks for the nice comments
    betty boop: the style # is 40243
    aarti: does your bag have the pink stripe on it too??? just wondering
    love the pink stripe but not sure it's on the fold over
    thanks again
  13. Thanks a bunch cathi