Opinions on le fabuluex from my Chanel girlfriends...

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  1. I used to be a LV fanatic but have traded out all but a few for Chanel. Recently I have been strangely drawn to the Suhali ligne though and am seriously considering a le fab bag. What do you think? All advice appreciated!
  2. Post pics! Which bag were you thinking of getting?
  3. Stacy I have been over LV for a long time, but the le fabuluex line is TDF. I LOVE the white, so classy. I think this bag would suit you perfectly. Classy and sophisticated.
  4. I find the hardware a bit blingy on it personally, but I think it would suit you. It would be a nice addition to your collection.
  5. [​IMG]

    this is a picture from the LV forum. (also, I spelled incorrectly, should be fabuleux)
    ^^Thanks Jenn for the sweet compliment!
  6. saw a lady with one in white at SHM friday...i did a triple take, amazing!
    i followed her into nordstrome even though i had no business in Nordstrom that day, but i was not done :drool:
    don't know if i'd ever get one for myself, but i think it would look wonderful on you! why not try one on IRL and see if it grabs you?
  7. ^^ Of course! That bag in the pic is screaming your name, classy bag for a classy lady. This is my favorite bag from that line.
  8. I agree with Tweetie
  9. I was just recently torn on buying the Le Fab or another Chanel. I posted a thread asking opinions, and majority said by the Le Fab, it was the one LV everyone would consider "cheating"on Chanel with.

    I just bought the Le Fab in white and I love it. Its not too heavy, lilghter then the paddington or the same I think. Easy to carry shoulder or hand carry. Its a great bag. I really do love it.
  10. I have the Le Fab in Plum and I love it. It always get's stares and compliments, plus it's comfortable to carry.

    I too have moved away from LV.....but I still love the Suhali line:love:
  11. So Tweetie and Michelle, what are you trying to say? too blingy for you but perfect for ostentatious Stacy?:wtf:
    :p that's ok...I still love you!

  12. Oh, good to know! Might have to take a stop by LV tomorrow to give her a try!;)
  13. Oh I love the plum!!! Lucky girl! all the suhali colors are so pretty...
  14. I just tried this bag on yesterday and it's a stunner :drool:. I say go for it! If I weren't waiting for my first hermes and now a luxury bowler :graucho:, I would have snatched that baby up.

    I also love the white lockit :love: :heart:. Everything white from the suhali line is TDF!
  15. I used to have this in plum - it was gorgeous. My fave color is the white. I did find the bag kind of heavy once my stuff was in it.