Opinions on Lauren Merkin clutches?

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  1. I have this bag actually! I absolutely adore it to pieces because there is no dress that it cannot match! It looks stunning on blue, purple, black, white, red, turquoise, just absolutely gorgeous! :yahoo:

    And yes, it is small, I also took a picture of it in comparison to my Kooba Mackenzie so you can sort of have another clutch point of reference. But to be honest, when I want to wear a clutch, it's to something that doesn't require me to haul my life in a huge bag. Cash, debit card, license, lipstick, eyeliner, compact, phone, pen, tide to go pen! the bare essentials!
    lmeveserp.JPG lmeveserpent.JPG sidebyside.JPG
  2. thanks! your clutch looks stunning...:heart:

    i think i'm going to think about it for a few days, look around for some codes, and then buy it.

    does anyone know where i can get it for a discounted price?
  3. It's an absolutely lovely clutch and the quality is 10x better than I was expecting. I definitely am a lauren merkin convert now.

    As far as codes go, there was one a few months ago, but that expired. I don't know how often codes are released, but I'm waiting on one to get an Emma shopper.

    Also, I don't know if this particular serpent detailing is popular enough to be bought anywhere else (like activeendeavors, revolve, etc) but you can always check eBay. I believe that I saw one a week back for 110 that wasn't selling.
  4. ^^ thanks for the tip - it's not on eBay right now, but i will check back throughout the week. maybe it'll make another appearance?
  5. i think lauren merkin clutches are nice (and the price point is great), but they are so ubiquitous. why not get something a little different, that not everyone has? r & y agousti clutches for example are exotics and come in under $300 also. you can pick them up at Barneys. i don't know, i'm just so tired of seeing the same things on everyone these days. maybe i'm just on an exotic kick; you can also pick up the cheap devi kroell ones at target next month.