Opinions on Latico Leathers?

  1. Anyone have this brand? What do you all think of the leathers? Do they soften up over time?
  2. I have a small Latico handbag in a great eggplant color. However, indeed, the leather is really rather tough. I got it at DSW for $20- so I thought it was a great bag for the price. That being said- I certainly wouldn't have paid full price- which according to the Latico website was around $100. I've had mine all summer- used it about 15 times- and the leather hasn't softened up at all. Not super, super stiff- just doesn't feel like high quality leather. Hope this helps.
  3. I have a Latico bag that I carry as my computer-work bag. It has lots of pockets and carries a lot - it has softened up with use, but not enough to make it look worn out (as it should, with what I carry in it - flashlight, screwdrivers, CDs, my work board). I am very pleased with it. I also have a Latico slim porter in a raspberry leather; it's a distressed/crackled leather that is just TDF.

    I've been pleased with both, and I paid full price, and would pay full price for this line again. They are not that expensive to begin with.
  4. I used a giant olive Latico bag as my work bag for nearly a year. It didn't really soften up, but that sucker is TOUGH--it still looks brand new!

    I really like it, if that helps.... Got plenty of compliments, too.

    It's tucked in the back center of this pic: http://forum.purseblog.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=160603&d=1176613378
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