Opinions on last years cruise / globe shopper? Help, please

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  1. My mom's birthday is coming up, 60!! And my dad is taking her on a cruise. My brothers and sister thought it would be fun to chip in and get her a cool tote to use on the cruise. What could be better than something from LV cruise line?!? I know she will not like this years. I found a few authentic ones from last years on ebay. I just wonder if it is too young for her.

    What do you think? What color do you like?

    eBay: Vuitton Cruise Globe MM Blue, Cabas Toile Authentic (item 230037644727 end time Oct-15-06 12:33:22 PDT)

    eBay: AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton Globe Shopper Cruise Bourdeaux (item 330037020511 end time Oct-14-06 14:49:11 PDT)

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON GLOBE SHOPPER CABAS YELLOW CRUISE LIMIT (item 170023008405 end time Oct-24-06 21:14:12 PDT)

    Thanks so much for any opinions and advice :smile:
  2. I am glad you are starting this thread..I am thinking to buy my friend pm in bourdeaux..

    I think MM is perfect size..I love all colors
  3. i think it is soo cute! its casual yet it looks so good!
    i like the blue
    but it depends on wut colour ur mom likes most!
  4. Forgot to ask...

    I think I like the Blue the best, most versatile. Is there a reason it's less, were there more of them? I noticed the Huang family has a blue too, but it was 1800!!???!
  5. I think for her age the bordeaux red in MM (or GM for luggage) would be classiest. :yes:
  6. I love this bag!! If you don't get the blue (and no one else does), I just might!! :smile: I think the MM is the right size -- the PM is a little small unless!!
  7. I like the Blue, too...I asked about it on the authenticate board yesterday...too cute! Do not like the yellow, too mustard for me. The red, is ok, but it says it's a PM, I agree with steph, too small for a tote.
  8. i have the Blue MM size bag. I love it. The Red color is lovely also. The PM size is not a shoulder bag. It also depends on what color your mom loves better
  9. I think the PM is too small and not useful enough for your mother. I think MM would be best.

    PM is a small handbag, as shown below.
  10. wow i never noticed how small the pm was. maybe the model is just very tall? what are the dimensions of the pm?

    whoops i just read the listing. its 9x8. You should go for the MM in blue =)
  11. i love the interior! the bordeaux one will be perfect for ur mom!
  12. Great idea!!! i am in love with this bag!!!!
  13. I think globe shopper is better in the bigger size. Love these!
  14. My roommate has the MM size and it's the perfect size. It's not too large yet can hold A4 sized things and books, etc.
  15. sorry but i never liked the globe shopper it looks like a walking logo :flowers: