Opinions on Lamb Skin please ......

  1. GoodEvening,

    I just wanted to ask PF'ers opinion on this subject.

    I know lambskin is quite delicate and they do wear down quite significantly over time and there is pretty much nothing you can do to reverse it (cleaning etcetc).

    And the chanel in our area has told a girlfriend of mine that there is nothing they can do with lambskin (even bags the SA herself sold to my friend). She basically said "Lamb skin is impossible to clean hence "fix" there is nothing we can do about this, and we are not taking any in on "our" behalf for cleaning or fixing)

    How does everyone else like lambskin?? especially on an everyday use basis...

    does anyone know tricks that helps prevent or fix damaged lambskin???

    thank you for all your help!!:heart: !!!!!!
  2. Wow!

    Well, my SA has had the same lambskin classic Flap for 15 yrs and said she takes good care of it, carrying it occasionally and it still looks new.
    I personally don't think lambskin is for daily or knock around use, but I do believe that for an evening bag or special occasion lambskin will not show much wear and tear or 'wear down'.
    But I've never heard of Chanel refusing one of their own bags for repair or cleaning either{?}
  3. I think lambskin sometimes gets an unfair shake here on the PF. I bought a Chanel lambskin bag last year, before I joined the PF, and I didn't even really know the difference at the time between lambskin and other leather varieties. (The pics below are borrowed from ebay, but that is the style bag that I own.) It's true that the lambskin is more delicate than the super-durable caviar and other leathers, but it's not that high maintenance. I've had my bag almost a year, and I have to be careful with it because it does scratch easily, but the scratches do rub out. And the upside of lambskin is that it's extremely soft and luxurious; my bag collapses almost like a Balenciaga when it's not stuffed with paper.

    Chanel has been making lambskin bags for a long time, and apparently they do sell, so somebody out there must like them. :shrugs:
    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg
  4. With lambskin, it really depends on colour...if its dark, chances are scratches/stains/little knocks here and there aren't going to be as obvious as on a light coloured lambskin Chanel.
    Chanel SAs that i've encountered generally will definitely accept lambskin bags for cleaning however will always advise prior to accepting the bag that there isn't much that can be done if the bag is scratched.. though if it is stained they may be able to help. Again with light coloured lambskin bags, it is very unlikely much can be done to it.

    Soooo...I guess it really depends what you're after..An everyday bag or a special occassions bag. For the former, I think the caviar would be more appropriate or a dark lambskin.

    Oh and an SA told me that if you get grease or something like that on lambskin to sprinkle powder on it and let it rest for a day...something like that. And for scratches to rub it with a soft cloth...


    * I tend to reserve my lambskins for short 'clean' trips out or special functions and caviar for whenever
  5. I've got a lambskin double flap..but not crazy about it..
    As a previous thread I started before mention about how lambskin feels rubbery to me.
    But its not that hard to care for, mine is light beige (like white) and its 2 years old and still near perfect condition :smile:
  6. ok...i just might make the jump!!

    thanks everyone!!