Opinions on Kaleidoscope Flap Bag???


May 26, 2007
Any opinions on the Kaleidoscope Flap Bag? I have always thought it was pretty, just not 2K+ pretty. I was able to snag it for 30% off though and I think it would look gorgeous with a closet full of Louboutins I own, specifically the ones I own pictured below.


I do go out a lot and can see myself wearing it on an evening out. I just usually stick to the classics though, so this is branching out for me. LOL I bought the Rodeo Drive medium hobo in black not too long ago and that was thinking outside the box as is. :P

Thanks in advance!


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C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
Personally, I don't really care for this bag but if you like it, go for it -- especially when it's on sale! It's an awesome bag for summer and LOVE those loubies you will match the bag with! C'mon, go grab that bag now and do those hot loubies justice! LOL


May 26, 2007
Thanks for all the quick responses! Yes, I am not paying full price for it. I think it will ring up as $1487 on the 29th. I'm pretty sure it's 30% off. I didn't even ask. LOL

There was only one at my NM so I guess it was good I grabbed it immediately! I also got the Soft n' Chain in black and a camelia necklace. WOO HOO!


on a marathon for 24
Nov 2, 2007
the bag looks very matchable.. it would be of my taste if i would those louboutins it can look very cute with simple tops and jeans or somethin more formal also! its very good. i honestly dont care on the colors of fall, summer or somethin i always wear it if it looks good wear it!


May 26, 2007
Thanks ladies for all the opinions. I got it so I will post photos next week.

I think this bag is amazing, the detail is very pretty. I can totally see you in an LBD with this bag and a pair of your fabulous Loubs - especially the blue LG or Declics/Rolandos. I say go for it!

Oh yeah, I forgot about all the other EB I have going on. LOL It's always good to have you to remind me what I have in my closet. I have the EB Catwoman too!