Opinions on Kale Handbag?

  1. [​IMG]
    Any thoughts, ladies?
  2. I think that bag is just dynamite! I was eyeing it...but in the brilliant blue.
  3. Love it! I was looking at the green one earlier today, as well; it looks great in that colour. I say go for it, particularly since the sale is going on.
  4. Thanks-I love it too!:yahoo:
  5. Love the color. I'm not familiar with the name, but it's a nice bag.
  6. Neat green!!!!!!!
  7. kale bags are extremely functional and hold up well to a lot of throwing around lol. i have the 'essential' bag in hemp and leather from a year or so ago, and i use it as my laptop bag. i'm not a huge green fan, so this isn't my favorite of the collection, but you can't go wrong with that shape and price!!
  8. It's very refreshing! Such a vivid, eye-catching hue. Me likey.
  9. that bag is beautiful...I love the shape and color!
  10. Gorgeous bag! The color is beautiful! I'm often tempted by Kale bags when there's a good sale on them!
  11. Ooo yeah i love it!!!
  12. Ooh-really nice bag! I would go for it-but in a different IMO
  13. Usually Kale bags are pretty bland but i love that green color!
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I am very excited to receive this bag-but I got an email back from Kale saying that this color was backordered until 1/30. I think it's worth the wait though! The other colors of the Tate handbag were $645-this was $515 plus the 40% off. So about $310 total. The peacock color is also $515. The burgundy and reddish brown are $645 before the 40% off.
  15. The peacock is beautiful too! Please let us know what you think of the bag if you do order it. I'm really curious about Kale handbags!