Opinions on Juicy bag

  1. They have some really nice models, but personally I have not liked the quality of the leather on any of their bags I've seen.
  2. I think it's cute. I like the circular zippered part on the top of the bag.

    But if you hold off a bit, you may be able to get it for a better price. Usually you can find most Juicy bags on sale. :tup:
  3. Between the two I like the natural better...
  4. I like that yellow color. Hard to tell how big it is without dimensions though. But between the black and the natural, I'd say black.
  5. I like brown the best. It's cute. It's doesn't scream "Juicy".
  6. I bought a Juicy Large Fluffy in a beige-ish leather recently. While I am not a 'Juicy' person, the leather on this bag was incredible and it had chains on the handle and I was ready for a bag w/chains, I guess. I really love the bag, it is so soft and squishy. And I always thought Juicy bags were made from green or pink velour! Good luck on your choice.
  7. Nice bag.
  8. I looks pretty nice, but I don't like the way the hardware looks
  9. I like the shape, but I'm not a fan of gold hardware. It looks a bit too flashy on this bag.
  10. I like the natural best. A word of caution the hardware can be heavy. Good luck choosing.
  11. It's cute, but a little too busy looking for me. I agree, that if you can, hold out til it goes on sale because Juicy bags almost always go on sale!
  12. I like the yellow. And from my experience- Juicy has really high quality leather. I bought a Juicy bag and used it for two years EVERYDAY because I liked it so much (it was a brown baby fluffy). The leather just looks better with time. However, one night I left it in a shopping cart outside of a store in the rain for two hours, and it was still usable, but a few months later I finally decided it was time for a new bag!

    I want to buy another one, but I don't like gold hardware, so if that doens't bother you it looks really pretty.
  13. I like it in black. I think the gold hardware really pops against the black leather. It looks pretty cute, but I'd have to see it in person to make a final decision on it. That always helps make up my mind. When I see a cute purse online, I go to the store and see it IRL. Sometimes the bag isn't as cute as in the picture, or when I try it on, it's too heavy, too smooshy, the strap drop is too short, etc.