Opinions on Jane Iredale Mineral make-up?

  1. Please let me know...thank you!
  2. I think it's okay. Just so-so really. I don't really have any complaints about it, but honestly, after purchasing and using a lot of stuff (blush, lip gloss, eye shadows, etc.) I don't have any overwhelming urge to re-invest in the stuff.
  3. I used to use this before switching to BE minerals. It is good, but I think the BE blends better, however I still use the Jane Iredale blush and I love it.
  4. My mother uses Jane Iredale, and I think it's fantastic. Not only is it good for the skin, but it goes on so nice and smooth, and the coverage is heavier, even with very little makeup! My mom has broken capillaries, and the J.I. foundation blends and covers it so well, and she doesn't need to build it up or anything!

    I think the only "big" thing is that it has to match your skin color. I have heard that it's a little bit more difficult to match the JI foundations to your skin color, but if you can, then it's absolutely wonderful!
  5. The pressed powder is bloody awesome in my opinion. But they are expensive and you HAVE to use a JI brush....
  6. ooohhhhhhh, I LOVE Jane Iredale. I spend quite a bit monthly. I love their lipglosses, eyeshadows, and foundation.
    It is quite hard to match foundations but if you call the office that it is sold in and use their testers! I got matched by the Jane Iredale rep but she did not do a good job.
    The foundation is very buildable. You could put a little or alot and still have great coverage. I have tried Sheer COver and Bare Escentuals- Sheer cover was VERY VERY shiny on me and the Bare Escentuals was hard to find a match and there were no "yellow" or "golden" undertones. PLUS it was very shimmery.
    SO in a nutshell- I am a HUGE fan!!!
  7. i used to use Jane Iredale and i liked it... but it was quite pricey...
    i switched to bare minerals about a year ago and i LOVE IT... and i find it more economical than jane iredale...
  8. Do you get better coverage with the Jane Iredale than Bare Minerals?
  9. yes I did and with BM , I would get a dark spot if I put to much and I would have to wash and start all over because I could not just remove that one area! With JI, I have noticed for me that it is alot more blendable and it offers more coverage.
  10. i use the pressed minerals and the blush and am really happy with both. i find i get good coverage and my skin still looks natural.
  11. I just switched to JI from BMs and I also feel it gives much better coverage w/o looking cakey. The BM would cake around my nostrils where I have some broken capilaries.

    Oh and their concealer is AWESOME. I have some major dark circles under my eyes and they dissapeared w/JI.

    BM is ok, but I could never get the right blend for my skin. Sometimes I would look red other times I would look yellow... no in between....
  12. Hi I'm really pleased to read the good reports coz I have just ordered the Jane Iredale pressed foundation and am eagerly waiting for it to arrive.Just hope I've ordered the right colour.:sweatdrop:
  13. I have used the pressed powder as foundation and powder . Awsome ! Does not make me break out and looks flawless and not too heavy
  14. Mine arrived about 3 days ago. It's the pressed powder and I'm a little disappointed. It doesn't seem to give the same coverage as BM and I'm finding I'm touching it up a lot more. Don't know if that's coz it's the pressed or I'm not applying it properly.It doesn't seem to cover my enlarged pores.
  15. I love the coverage and the fact that is so great for your skin, but matching my skin color is tough plus no dewey look:shrugs: