Opinions on Jacket

  1. Jeez I can't sleep! Do you guys like this as a casual jacket for summer (Pics from Shopbop.com)
  2. Very cute !
  3. i think its cute.. but does it come in a happier color :biggrin: ?
  4. ^^ Hee hee, I love olive green!! It does come in white too though
  5. I like it! Get it & post pics! :amuse:
  6. Olive or white, i really like it! :smile:
  7. Its really cute. Very figure flattering.
  8. Love it!
  9. Love it! It has a cool military-style look to it.
  10. oh !!! I really dont, It looks to Military,

    But If you like it thats all that matters.
  11. It's a great jacket and I guess it's practical with a kid.
  12. I think its :cool:
  13. It's cute, but if you are medium to large chested, it's going to make you look even bustier. There's a lot of bulk in the front.
  14. I agree. A bit military for me...
  15. I wish I were more busty!! Good input though!! Thanks everyone, I ordered it so we'll see. I have a really narrow frame, and I find the military look flattering Thanks again Guys!!
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