Opinions on indigo willow


May 28, 2012
After returning the Cara bag I've been looking at this one. I'm loving the textured leather as I won't have to baby it and the indigo colour is right up my street. It's an online exclusive so I can't pop in and see it but I'm torn as my opinion of the willow has always been that it's gorgeous but wildly impractical. Opinions either way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



May 11, 2014
Not for me Im afraid, way too expensive and I am in agreement with the other ladies, open top is a total,no no. Sorry :sad:


Jul 30, 2012
UK South East Coast
I love the colour and the leather, I don't mind the open top, what put me off was the very thin shoulder strap. I do carry my bags by hand & crook of arm but like to be able to put them over my shoulder. The small Willow has a non adjustable shoulder strap which for a bag of this price is ridiculous IMO. I also found it very thin and it wasn't substantial enough to hold the bag well enough. It swing around, totally out of control with a mind of it's own :graucho:

Sadly a no, no for me. I sold mine on very quickly, found it very over rated.


Aug 15, 2014
I'd consider a chanel gst before mulberry willow.
Though, truth is I dislike tote styles.

But, I think you love blue bags & MUST find one you'll treasure! So, go with your heart.


Jun 24, 2011
I love the indigo colour but when I saw it in shrunken calf, I disliked it. Thought it looked a but odd ( almost grubby).

If I'm honest , without wishing to offend you, I'm not a willow fan. Tried it and sold it, due to weight, open top design & price.

It's a bit of a flash in the pan IMO , sorry but I'm a bit if a stick in the mud. X


Jul 16, 2013
Suffolk/Norfolk border, UK
I saw an indigo shrunken calf Alexa today and I agree with beaver, it looks dirty for some reason. Not sure why as it's a much nicer colour in the small bays satchel in a different leather. Strange. I did have a look at an oxblood bays tote and I don't like gold hardware but that was a real stunner of a bag. Sorry not blue though. :nogood:


May 28, 2012
Thanks for the opinions, I'd rather they were honest as I do feel like the Willow is overpriced given that it is an open top and I hadn't thought about the shoulder strap being a standard length at all. Hmmm well thanks ladies I appreciate the help.


Jul 25, 2013
I love the color and I love my Willow. The open top isn't a problem and I think the shoulder strap is fine for me and I am a very particular person. No exception to this, I never carry it unless I am complimented many times. And my color is the neutral taupe which is a bit of a boring color but pretty. Nothing boring about the color you picked. It's wonderful!


Jan 4, 2014
I have to confess willow is my favourite mulberry style - if it weren't for the high price i'd go and get it in various colors.

I know a lot of the ladies here don't like the open top - but I think if you use a liner that has a zipper to close it it's totally fine.

If you are brave enough to go and get a very bright and intense color - you'll definitely rock it. There are many outfits I can think of that could be complemented with this bag. And you have a two in one bag - I'm sure the clutch itself looks stunning, too!

I think the bag might go into the sale and maybe you can save about 20% or more! Good luck xx
Aug 17, 2014
.... as my opinion of the willow has always been that it's gorgeous but wildly impractical.
Exactly my thoughts. Such a beautiful shape and I love the structure and the clutch....but I don't think I could ever have one. Not because of the open top as that really doesn't bother me; it's entirely the handles and not being able to wear it over my shoulder, especially for the price that they are.
Jun 14, 2014
Co. Down
My DD has just acquired this very bag and she absolutely loves it apart from the shoulder strap which she also says is too thin &
digs in to her shoulder so she uses it as a handbag.
I never really liked the Willow but must say it is so much nicer IRL than I expected and for the price I would like to think so.
Well, there's another Christmas Present sorted and she is NOT getting another thing!!!!!


May 28, 2012
I still really like it.
I've looked at others but I'm not a Bayswater fan at all. I like the Buckle bays in oxblood with shrunken leather but also find that quite impractical, if it had a shoulder strap I'd definitely be interested. The Kensington is pretty but just didn't sit right on me. I still like the Cara backpacks but I'm only a fan of the brighter colours and I'm really not looking for another bag I'll have to baby constantly....since I'm expecting my first lol.
I have always loved the Willow so think I may order so I can at least have a look at it. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the help.