Opinions on Hype Costa Del Sol

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  1. Hey guys, I'm thinkging about buying this bag. It's marked down from $295 to $130. I love the shape. It's called the Costa Del Sol. Does anyone have one? Is it a good bag?

    I'm technically on a ban, but I only have one black bag in my entire collection sooooo, I think adding another would be more like a fail-safe?? lol Enablers, help me!!!

    p.s. princessaj0603, weren't you about to buy a Hype bag? If you did, how do you like it??
  2. Or this one? Kinda reminds me of a small JC Mahala. It's about $50 more than the Costa Del Sol
  3. I like the first one! I think Hype bags are great leather for a great price. They have good quality bags. Go for it! =)
  4. I really like it! That is such a great deal too! From my experience, Hype has some nice quality leather and the purses hold up very well. I love that this purse is a handheld and has a shoulder strap...very versatile. You MUST get it. Btw...where is this selling for $130? I'd like to take a look at it...I also only have one black bag in my collection..another couldn't hurt right? :yes:
  5. It's selling on SmartBargains.com. You also get free shipping if it's your first purchase (will be mine). It also comes in Taupe. This same purse is on Endless.com for $250!!! I'm going to mull it over and make a final decision tonight.