Opinions on Homage Bags, Please!

  1. OK, I'm up very late, because I can't sleep after having an argument with the BF and I was wondering.....with all this recent talk of what constitutes a fake bag, what if you really loved the design of a bag that was no longer produced by the designer?

    So much so, that you felt that it couldn't be improved on.

    Would you then buy a bag (of equal quality), that was very similar in terms of design, by another brand? As long as they didn't rip off the logo, or try to pretend it was by the original designer, of course.

    An homage bag, if you like? :biggrin:

    How different would the bag have to be, for you to feel comfortable with it and would the amount of time that had elapsed since the original bag was available play a part in your decision?

    Of course, most bag designs, like most designs for anything, are based on designs from the past, very few things are completely original, including, quite possibly, the 'original' bag in question.

    Finally, would it make a difference if the original bag was a former 'it' bag, verses a lesser known style?

    TIA for your opinions! :flowers:
  2. As long as it is not a ripoff or keeping the same logos, I'm all for homage bags. If I like it and the quality is nice, I'd buy it! I do not consider "inspired by" bags to be fakes and some are outstanding quality...
  3. ^ Thank you for your opinion. :flowers:
  4. Hi CH, for a minute there, I thought Homage was a new indie designer label :smile: Love the idea of homage bags!
  5. I thought someone might think that, pb! :yes:

    It wouldn't be a bad designer name, would it? :biggrin:
  6. I thought it was a designer name, too!! Homage bags are fine with me!
  7. ^ They are/would be fine with me, too. :yes:

    But I thought that there might be some purists who would disagree. :shrugs: