Opinions on Hogan bags

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  1. I found this white Hogan bag that really appeals to me. It also comes in blue, which I like as well.

    Do you ladies own a Hogan, if so, what do think of the bags?

  2. I was eyeing that bag too. I'd love to hear if anyone else has it and what you think.
  3. thats a cute bag!
  4. Is that the Lizzy? I have a shopper, and it is the most user-friendly bag ever! It has a magnetic pocket on the outside, a zippered pocket in the middle and then compartments on either side of the middle zippered pocket. Very nice leather and construction, too!
  5. Most of my bag shopping is in Chicago and there is no Hogan store there. I'd love to see them in person because I really am attracted to their styles. If the leather is like Tod's (owner of Hogan) they must be fabulous bags. The one you posted is very nice.
  6. The leather on Hogan bags (and sometimes the style) reminds me of Cole Haan bags -- actually, it should be Cole Haan that reminds me of Hogan, since Hogan is more established I guess?
    I like the style you posted. Practical but nice.
  7. Hi! I have this Lizzy bag in black and I love it! :tup: It's so roomy and has a detachable sort of pouch inside. The leather is superb quality, mine is the pebbled kind so it's resistant to scratches and the like. I love my Hogan bag a lot. :heart::yahoo:
  8. Hi! I just bought my first Hogan bag. See post (Hogan hobo arrived) I bought a Hogan Tabbed Leather Hobo. I ADORE it. The lining is gorgeous, all the details are super delux, the leather is distressed... I am a fan of Hogan. Not many people in the U.S. really know about it. It is the hipper line of Tod's. Prices are usually under 1000k, so the marketing is different than the Tod's line. No advertising, really. All made in Italy.
    I am keeping my eye on this line. There's a store in Soho. I got mine from NM, on sale. What else can I tell you. I'm in love.