Opinions on hats?? Anyone wears it??

  1. I'm looking to purchase a beret style hat like one that is worn by the likes of lohans and bilsons of the world. I thought it looked super cute, but am not sure if i'll look stupid in them and whether it will be comfortable. Anyone wears one on a regular basis? any thoughts?? Here's a pict of the lovely Rachel Bilson, wiill it keep you warm since its goin to be winter in oz soon. Thanks. =)

  2. I wear and love slouchy berets. I think they are super cute and fun...go for it!
  3. any links or websites so i can buy them online. your help is so appreciated. =)
  4. iv got a black kangol one that iv had for years and i love it.
    it was one of those purchases that my mom said i would never wear but it looks so cute on. iv got a cute one i bought in a gift shop in paris that says J`adore Paris on the top that i love too.
  5. Catherine malandrino makes a lovely knit one. I have it in celery green :love: Since our winter is over, its hard to find knit berets right now.
  6. i have a gorgeous black one and loved wearing it in winter!
  7. thanks girls, i think i am goin to purchase a new beret soon..and now i know i won't be looking stupid as well. =)
  8. Hey, I love hats, I am shopping for a fedora currently.
    Have you tried http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/ ?
    It is a pretty cool site, I have not ordered from them yet, but thought I'd mention it as it was rec'd to me from a friend!
  9. ooo, a fedora sounds nice. but it's too out there for me.I think sth like Rachel is wearing is very girlish and that's more me. Anyway that's just my opinion. Lols. wear it well and maybe show us a pict or 2 when u get it??