Opinions on Gustto Mila Satchel PLease

  1. Hello all. I was wondering what you all think of this Gustto Mila Satchel. I was looking for a caramel bag that wasn't too big with soft smooshy leather. This bag has the gorgeouse leather and the color I was looking for but I was wondering what you all think of the style? Do you like the Gustto Parina style better? Sorry I wasn't modeling in the pictures. I'm looking a bit slouchy in my game day sweatshirt. She deserves better.:p

    Parina link http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProductDetail.jsp?product=GUST-WY54
    mila front.jpg mila back.jpg
  2. Gustto leather is hard to beat, but I'm sorry, that's not my favorite style. I have 4 gusttos and love them all. I just like the Baca and Setela better. Just my thoughts though. You should get it if YOU love it.
  3. Thank you ladies. I wasn't sure of the style myself. It does look a bit better in person. I do like satchels and the leather is awesome but I'm not sure it's love.

    I love the BV but the price is a bit out of my range for this color. I hate to spend so much on anything that's not black or brown because the other colors get used so infequently. Hmmm... What about the Parina? Is that a no go as well?

    By the way, the Bucks just beat Wisconsin!:yahoo:We take this stuff seriously around here. Woohoo

  4. I actually think it is a cute satchel - I like it better than the Parina.

    However, if it isn't love, keep looking.
  5. I love Gustto leather but I think its slouchiness works better on less structured styles. If you're choosing between this and the Parina, I'd vote for the Parina - seems like it would hold more and would be easier to carry too.
  6. I think it's cute! Love the thick straps, leather paneling and curved zip on the bottom. This and the Parina are such different styles. Depends on which type of bag you like better, zip vs. drawstring, east/west vs. north/south. How big is it? The large Parina is HUUUUGE.
  7. I love this bag! It's adorable!
  8. Usually I don't like Gustto bags but this one I love. It's beautiful and IMo a keeper!